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Wednesday, 26 February 2014 22:15 Written by 

FINALLY! A line by line interpretation of Revelation, which is not from human intellect or religious theology. This is an interpretation that is divinely revealed by Jesus and His angel Gabriel. The same angel that gave Daniel interpretation of his own visions. FINALLY! An interpretation that does not contradict itself, instead it has a single and unifying context throughout. It is one that validates all Scripture, rather than invaliding them in a way that causes them to contradict each other. It brings harmonic meaning to the entire Bible. After reading this you will see that nobody can understand the Bible without first understanding the Book of Revelation, it is the key of David that unlocks the meaning of all Biblical prophesy.

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  • Kaylee

    A personal testimony from hearing the entire revelation of Revelation...It's true! This interpretation does not contradict itself but rather uses scripture from Revelation and the whole bible to reveal the meaning of the message that Jesus gave John. This interpretation is the key to unlocking the whole bible and You will see that God and Jesus have had one thing on their minds throughout the entire bible, which is, the end. Some of the concepts are difficult to come to terms with but at the same time blatantly obvious and backed up with scripture. This message is convicting as it reveals the current state of the Church and with God's Hold Spirit while reading it, the current state of my own heart and has caused me to dive deeper into surrender and into relationship with Him. I believe that the contents of this book were given to Phil and Colleen from Jesus and Gabriel, the archangel, and this is the urgent message that the entire Church needs to hear because the time for Jesus to collect His bride is COMING SOON.

    Kaylee Thursday, 13 March 2014 21:00 Comment Link
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