A Message Proclaim!

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A Message Proclaim!

Colleen Livingston

We have a message for many to hear;
To grasp and hold onto and cherish, adhere.

Did you hear the Lord speak from heaven this day?
His time to return as a King He did say.

Awaken the masses to tell them this news!
Lord, open their hearts to stand for the truth!

It’s not just a fable or tale to read;
Jehovah, Yahweh, yes Jesus, the Seed.

He fell down in the ground to die in His name;
Then rose He did do, to life for His fame.

A crop of true righteousness followed His lead;
Many fell down to their knees to concede.

They laid down their lives, no longer their own;
To give Him the glory, as heaven was shown.

To die to this life is to gain Him eternal;
To hold to what was, means to die in inferno.

This world is so short compared to what will;
Eternity after is worth marching that hill.

Pick up your cross and follow His ways;
Endure tribulation to become pure for that Day.

A white robe to wear, spotless and clean;
He’ll hold you close, and wipe all your tears.

Jesus, Messiah, yes King of the Jews;
Your path we will follow to proclaim this great news!

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