Amen to the One I Love

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Amen to the One I Love

Colleen Livingston

Jesus Christ, the Holy One
Has come to show the way;
We’ll reign with Him victorious
And stand on that Great Day.

He picked us now to walk with Him
To light the lamp and pray;
To let it shine across the globe
To march through rough terrain.

To lay it down and pave the way
Is what we’re called to do;
No need to fret this time has come
He’ll guide us through and through.

The desires of our heart He gives
Detaching from this place;
When finally we realize
He is our treasured trace.

We give it all to you now Lord
It’s what we’re called to do;
We lay all down to pick you up
Our lives we give to You.

Amen to You who died on that cross
Amen that You showed the way;
Amen I abide in You this night
Amen till the Judgment Day.

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  • Dayton Smith

    I love these poems, Colleen! They paint such a picture of Revelations and the End Times. I can't wait for more people to hear the Revelation on Revelations so then they too can understand these poems and love notes within their beings. I love you guys and give Sammy and hug for me :)

    Dayton Smith Thursday, 14 March 2013 17:53 Comment Link
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