revelation of Revelation is Now Available!

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revelation of Revelation: An Urgent Message to the Church is Now Available!



 FINALLY! A line by line interpretation of Revelation, which is not from human intellect or religious theology.This is an interpretation that is divinely revealed by Jesus and his angel Gabriel; the same angel that gave Daniel interpretation of his own visions.

FINALLY! An interpretation that does not contradict itself, instead it has a single and unifying context throughout. It is one that validates all Scripture rather than invalidating them in a way that causes them to contradict each other. It brings harmonic meaning to the entire Bible.

After reading this you will see that nobody can understand the Bible without first understanding the book of Revelation, it is the key of David that unlocks the meaning of all biblical prophecy.

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"I have searched out and sought a cogent, Spirit-resonating, explanation of the Book of Revelation for years. I read them all until the different 'theories' soured my heart and turned me away from this pursuit. All of it, head knowledge. When I read this work, I knew that I knew, that I knew, how much God so loved the world AND ME: what He has done to pursue me and overtake me and make me His. This book conveys an immense message of God's love and Jesus arrests your attention immediately! From page one onwards, He does not let you go as you respond to His Truth - revealed line by line, for the first time, in which we live, the End Times. Pray to the Lord objectively and respond to His call if led to buy this masterwork. Its release puts the foundation in place for His mercies before final judgment commences in its fullness. It is a message to correct those He deeply loves and is wooing, and it is the correction that starts in the House of the Lord. This is not an easy message. “revelation of Revelation” is divinely composed as the authors use God's very Word as no eye has ever seen or understood, with His needed illumination as revealed to the authors. Buckle your seat belt for this is a page turner. No human mind has ever proffered an exciting culmination of world history as written here. Its GOD interpreting HIS inspired Word, The Bible. Thank-you, authors, for this work."




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