Colleen Livingston

You Knew his Name

on May. 22, 2019

You Knew His Name

Colleen Livingston

Put away your filthy ways
And let it wash on down the drain,
Perhaps you’d like to take a bath
Or let it all fall in the rain.

Destiny Fulfilled

on May. 22, 2019

Destiny Fulfilled

Colleen Livingston

Ignoring people, that’s what you do
Especially if they don’t have a clue

Unless you see a light inside
And sense they won’t run and hide

Mutter Not

on May. 22, 2019

Mutter Not

Colleen Livingston

I’ve opened up my heart to You
Given all I’ve ever had
A ring, a watch, a ruby too
It all means nothing in comparison to You.

Last night I watched the news man say:
“Looks like a blast of bombs to pass…”
“America is looking dark and gray…”
But I do know this one thing, dear Lord
You’re getting stronger in me today.

I never thought I’d ever find
A mystery so clearly defined.
One day when all my life had changed
You came to see me defiled, in all my shame.

I remember all so clearly
When you whispered in my ear,
An avalanche, an olive branch
I’ve pressed you down and near.

A distant thunder
I hear you cry
With each moment you pass by,
Why, oh Lord, have you so come
Inside the threshing floors?

Awake a harvest!
You all will see!
As I extend and bow my knee,
You too, can join the Holy One
Cantering softly, further living eternally.

Oh my, Dear Shepherd, you tend to your flock
Open scales you shed, you fly
For now walk, an open stalk
Tilting back, you dandle not

Oh, Dear Shepherd, array and shine
It’s time for your glory, yes, divine
A glitz of shine, you are but mine
I remember You as I drink the wine

The bread I break
Of You I take
Remembering what You have done.
So now I tilt and bow, sharp sword
March forth, proclaiming Your word.

Good shepherd you are a shining star
Your rod it shines the brightest of noon day.
Onto the flock you tend you lock
Your gaze intently at His face.

Intently I break of Your bread
I Do Take
Holy matrimony, I do make
A covenant of pure and true of your love
A destiny born, to never forsake

Money is gone
Forget mowing the lawn
There’s something much deeper for me
I now see
A chance has been given
A “class A” gold ribbon
I shout loud and proudly for Him!

I do not take lightly
This gift I hold tightly
Your lips
I one day will kiss.

I hold on to what’s true
Not in part, but full view
His bride I walk, and mutter not
But sing His truth and glory shall reign!

My Mark

on May. 22, 2019

My Mark

Colleen Livingston

Lord, remember when we used to tread across a wild a rushing sea?
I never thought in a million years I would be standing here with Thee.

Eternal bliss I walk as if this life is but a dream,
It all will wash away one day all the darkness gone down stream.

Remember when we used to stand upon that rock you build so firm?
Thank you, Lord, for teaching me there was much for me to learn.

In union now, the One I love, in matrimony bliss.
Thank you, Lord, You are so kind to extend to me this kiss.

Awake I am prepared to fight this town of Chicago,
I pray right now, that You’ll allow, it’s destiny to glow.

Aware that what must come are trials and despair,
I ache, my heart, a crying start that will lead to full repair.

My brethren, awake this hour now, to fight now across the globe,
This hour now of suffering, will have an ending much like Job

Love you lots now, Lord, I take my sword and lift it up on high,
Now take and lift me up with You, as I walk with You in stride

Chin up, and straight ahead I walk in victory,
For what’s to come, I now will run, to make my mark in history.


He Knew

on May. 22, 2019

He Knew

Colleen Livingston

Bumble bees and trail mix;
My feet, they hurt, its half past six.

If you ever have a random thought;
Gander yonder aloft an open trough.

A trail of the ocean blues;
Will lift right up, when you hear the news.

The King, you see, is coming soon!
Before you know it, its half past noon!

Awake and lift your head up high;
It’s kind of like a lullaby.

“Hi!” you say, “another day!”,
I wonder if there’s use to pray.

Oh, my shepherd, awake it’s time;
There is so much more than to make a dime.

Do you remember when your eyes were gloom?
And how the Lord has prepared a room?

Get up and strap your banner high!
It’s time to stand and say goodbye.

“A friend I was, but am no more”
The world is done, march forth to implore.

A life with full meaning filled with divine;
No longer in vein, eating bread and sweet wine.

A bitter life, I’ve traveled much more;
But humbled I am, on my knees at the door.

Over the hill I’ve gained quite a life;
Now I see it means nothing but strife.

Amen, I can see now, it all looks so clear;
It’s too bad it took me so long to get here.

But now looking back I’d stand for the truth;
Jesus, He knew what would get me pulled through.

Shamefully Naked and Exposed

Colleen Livingston

In Christ I’ve found my purity,
He’s made me pure in Him.
Yes virtue is a gift He gives,
To those who obey His name.

His Majesty is one divine,
To those who are His bride.
Inside interior He lives,
In my castle He is alive.

Through many chambers He has cleansed,
Igniting his pure light.
Scattering all the species there,
Who block me from His sight.

I want to be standing on that day,
And lifted up as His pure bride.
God forbid I am left behind here, Lord,
Shamefully naked, filled with pride.

He’s warning all His Church this hour,
To put away your selfish ways.
It’s not about the outside looks,
But inside you are dark and gray.

“No more lukewarm!” He shouts out loud!
Turn swiftly from your ways!
A time is coming soon His bride,
Will be lifted far away.

But many left behind will say,
“Lord, Lord, I’ve honored, yes, your name?”
The Lord will say He never knew you,
Gnawing, gnashing, weeping you will see.

You do not want to be caught naked,
Being shamefully exposed.
When the Lord of Hosts, comes lifts us up,
Inside your heart your motives He knows.

Great tribulations will be endured,
Without His presence you will choose.
Your first love you will know then,
For Jesus Christ, your life you’ll lose.

How graceful of a God we have,
He’ll give you second cut.
All you have to do, hold fast,
Your testimony will be enough.

Bring glory to the God of hosts!
His mercy has endured!
Cut to the heart you’ll love Him more,
Giving Him all you’ve procured.

Standing by we’ll watch in awe,
Silence above for those few years.
Tears will stream down from our eyes,
Until all of you have come up to cheer.

“Jerusalem! Jerusalem!”
“How I’ve longed to hold you near”
“Like a mother hen I’ve called to you!”
“But no one wanted to hear!”

Here I come now though,
The time has come,
To take you for myself.
“Blessed is He who comes now here,
In the name of our dear Lord!”

You will shout My name,
“You are the Holy One!”
“Coming down from Heaven",
“Together at last has finally come!”


on May. 22, 2019


Colleen Livingston

A tsunami tide can change your life,
Destroying everything there was.
But if you let it do its work,
You will find strength to rise above.

A tsunami tide can shift your life,
Rinsing lust out from your ears.
Rattling and settling all things straight,
Igniting hope in what is left down here.

Where else can you turn your heart?
When everything is washed away.
A tsunami tide can change your life,
Causing you to bow down and pray.

"I once was a big time business man!"
"I had it all, a man could dream!"
A tsunami tide it changed my life,
It faded by and went down stream.

"A wife and kids I once did have!"
"But what I had now, yes, is gone!"
A tsunami tide it took my life,
A new one, in Christ, I’ve found.

In Christ I place my trust in life,
I cleave to what I know.
Inside my heart was struck in time,
To walk this path I now will grow.

My priorities in life have changed,
Everything is washed, I’m saved.
A tsunami came and changed my life,
My life I’ve died, to Christ I gave.

So take me now, eternal stride,
I bow now at His name.
A tsunami tide has changed my life,
I no longer live in shame.

At a Glance

on May. 22, 2019

At a Glance

Colleen Livingston

A tide has shifted if you look;
You can catch it at a glance.
A lot more people who were blind;
Yes, they can see the King at last.

The air is clear now you can see;
His bride’s preparing who to be.
She looks a lot like Mary did;
Before she gave birth to the King.

Clothed in the sun she’s wearing;
Twelve stars above her head.
Adorned in precious jewels;
Worn across communed in bread.

To gather all His sheep;
She’s waiting patiently for Him.
He’s fast anticipating for;
The wedding feast, yes, to begin.

"Oh my!" He shouts from chambers.
"How I long to see my bride!"
Awaiting longing hours;
To dance as one with her in stride.

A match that’s made in heaven;
Yes none other you can find.
It’s best to tell this secret;
These two lovers are divine.

"Amen!" He shouts with glory.
Alpha Omega, is His name;
"I’ve come to gather all my saints;"
"To join and march with Me in fame."

Arise oh saints! It’s time to march!
Arise the time is here!
It’s time to give it all to Him!
The Lord is whom we fear!

A golden chalice of His blood;
We’ll drink in honor of our King.
Pure and spotless is your bride;
Lord, such beauty she will sing.

Wheat Worthy

on May. 22, 2019

Wheat Worthy

Colleen Livingston

I want to be found worthy;
To be standing on that Day.
To be lifted up with You on high;
Sharpened sickle reaping grain.

I want to be wheat worthy;
Enduring cross in hand this day.
In union with the Christ, our Lord;
To be wheat worthy, Lord, I pray.

I ran across a field,
Filled with amber waves of grain.
It struck my heart so deeply;
Down my knees I wept to say.

"Lord God of Hosts You’re worthy!"
"Giving us the chance to stay!"
"Right by Your side union;
Standing with you on that Day."

To be found worthy of Your wheat;
Removing all the muck and mire.
I resign my life on earth here Lord;
Eternity with You desired.

I want to be found worthy;
Removing all that keeps me bound.
So on that Day you’ll lift me up;
Not tasting death, rather life renowned.

I’ll fill my lamp now full with oil;
Not drying out for just one min.
I want to be found worthy;
To be your bride at the wedding din.

I want to be found worthy;
Of Your wheat through thick and thin.
When others come to knock me down;
I will turn my other chin.

To be wheat worthy on that Day;
This is all I long to be.
I’ll give You all my life in stride;
Pure and spotless made for Thee.

“Over the top!” The world may mock.
No matter what they say is true;
I want to be found wheat worthy, Lord.
I’m only out to be one with You.

So lift your hands up high!
And shout His name!
His victory is here!
Lord God of Hosts is ready now;
To reap His wheat He loves so dear.

Gather all the harvest’s ready!
Gather all Your bride You’ve longed!
She’s paved the way without delay;
Next to You she’ll stand with crown.

I want to be found wheat worthy;
Upon a Rock I’ll stand and shout;
Amen and Halleluiah!
To the One upon that cloud!

Tethering in the wind He rides;
Sharp sword He comes at last!
White horse He rides as King;
He strides and reigns above the rest!

Amen to the One I Love

on May. 22, 2019

Amen to the One I Love

Colleen Livingston

Jesus Christ, the Holy One
Has come to show the way;
We’ll reign with Him victorious
And stand on that Great Day.

He picked us now to walk with Him
To light the lamp and pray;
To let it shine across the globe
To march through rough terrain.

To lay it down and pave the way
Is what we’re called to do;
No need to fret this time has come
He’ll guide us through and through.

The desires of our heart He gives
Detaching from this place;
When finally we realize
He is our treasured trace.

We give it all to you now Lord
It’s what we’re called to do;
We lay all down to pick you up
Our lives we give to You.

Amen to You who died on that cross
Amen that You showed the way;
Amen I abide in You this night
Amen till the Judgment Day.

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