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Gal 2:20 I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me.

One Thing I Ask of You

Colleen Livingston

It is time for the world to see the King!
He reigns over all!

He is a defender of all mankind!
Picking up the weak,
And healing the blind.

He is a mystery!
His ways are beyond our domain
Do you know His name?

Jesus, Holy God above the angels,
How beautiful you are.
You came down straight from heaven,
To save us; who are so far?

Mary once told the story,
of your birth in Bethlehem.
How I wish I saw your glory,
reaching down to touch us men.

How I love you in your chambers,
deep and dark inside the night.
I lie awake such longing hours,
to capture glimpses of your light.

Jesus, Jesus my sweet Lamb.
I lie awake reach stroke of midnight,
Pressing near to grab your hand.

How I wish I could catch a glimpse of you,
My Holy One, so true.
A breath of love, so holy
What else is left to do?

My dear sweet Lamb of God I pray,
My dear sweet Lamb of God.
My dear sweet Lamb of Holiness,
So pure to the end of day.

I ache my longing heart for You,
This night so near to me.
Awaiting every moment
You come to spend with me.

My garden you do tend to,
Trimming branches from afar.
Cleansing me of wickedness,
Removing all the tar.

I have but one to ask of you,
My sweet and Holy One.
I have but one to ask of you,
My Lamb, my Holy One.

Can I have but one sweet kiss?
To hold me up this night.
A gentle touch from you, my love
Gives me the strength to fight.

Loving ashes in the moonlight
I hear the midnight cry.
The waves are crashing all around,
the land is desolate and dry.

Awake my lowly sleepers,
the Day is coming near!
Awake o' lowly sleepers,
My parade is marching here!

I have a plan you do not know,
To humble all the proud.
Destroying all the nations.
Defending my people aloud.

Roaring waves are crashing near,
A day is coming you shall fear.
My mercies set in place for you,
Defending all I say is true!

O' Holy Son of Israel!
A Day is coming near!
Bow down this night in reverence to
The One we hold so dear!



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  • Barry

    He stirs in my heart to recognize this as prophecy. I am overwhelmed and feel God's heart through the message.

    Barry Friday, 28 September 2012 16:32 Comment Link
  • kaylee crogan

    This is absolutely beautiful. I love the intimacy throughout and the intensity at the end! It definatley put a fire in my belly and love in my heart and I feel purity and passion behind it. This is one I will be reading often!

    kaylee crogan Saturday, 22 September 2012 23:10 Comment Link

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