Forget Not

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Forget Not

Colleen Livingston

Forget not where you came from
Forget not what He did
Suffering greatly He died, yes
And gladly forgave.

His tears stream down lightly
Cleansing sin gone down stream,
Forget not where you came from
The moment you believed.

Across river Jordan
You came tenderly,
Then dunked in the water
You began ministry.

You walked through the masses
Proclaiming the King!
The Truth You were marching
Hosanna! They’d sing.

Then dinner sat down for
Passing Over the bread,
Dipped down in the sauce
"Betrayed friend," you then said.

In the night You were troubled
Deeply needing support,
Asleep none were with You
When most needed, we fell short.

Lord Jesus, you suffered
You were mocked and despised,
My sins You had died for
I know deep down inside.

I forget not where I came from
I forget not what I’ve done,
Yet somehow you’ve changed me
What I was is now gone.

My garden uprooted
Twice over it’s fresh,
Planted daisies You canter
My love I confess.

The glory I give You
It’s all owed to You,
My garden to show for
Forgetting not what You do.

Tenderly fainting
On a midsummer’s night,
Like lovers we dine now
Your bride I hold tight.

Embracing I love You
My Sweet Lord I pray,
The glory to see You
On that coming Great Day.

I long now, Sweet Jesus
To lay with You near,
Holding on to you tightly
Forgetting not, You are here.

Open up! How I long to
Flap my wings now and fly,
Lord Jesus, You made me
Forgetting not, Lord I sigh.

Amen! Lord You’ve given
This life I now live,
The old I have died to
My sins past, You forgive.

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