on Jun. 24, 2013

My Mark

Colleen Livingston

Lord, remember when we used to tread across a wild a rushing sea?
I never thought in a million years I would be standing here with Thee.

Eternal bliss I walk as if this life is but a dream,
It all will wash away one day all the darkness gone down stream.

Remember when we used to stand upon that rock you build so firm?
Thank you, Lord, for teaching me there was much for me to learn.

In union now, the One I love, in matrimony bliss.
Thank you, Lord, You are so kind to extend to me this kiss.

Awake I am prepared to fight this town of Chicago,
I pray right now, that You’ll allow, it’s destiny to glow.

Aware that what must come are trials and despair,
I ache, my heart, a crying start that will lead to full repair.

My brethren, awake this hour now, to fight now across the globe,
This hour now of suffering, will have an ending much like Job

Love you lots now, Lord, I take my sword and lift it up on high,
Now take and lift me up with You, as I walk with You in stride

Chin up, and straight ahead I walk in victory,
For what’s to come, I now will run, to make my mark in history.


on Jun. 04, 2013

He Knew

Colleen Livingston

Bumble bees and trail mix;
My feet, they hurt, its half past six.

If you ever have a random thought;
Gander yonder aloft an open trough.

A trail of the ocean blues;
Will lift right up, when you hear the news.

The King, you see, is coming soon!
Before you know it, its half past noon!

Awake and lift your head up high;
It’s kind of like a lullaby.

“Hi!” you say, “another day!”,
I wonder if there’s use to pray.

Oh, my shepherd, awake it’s time;
There is so much more than to make a dime.

Do you remember when your eyes were gloom?
And how the Lord has prepared a room?

Get up and strap your banner high!
It’s time to stand and say goodbye.

“A friend I was, but am no more”
The world is done, march forth to implore.

A life with full meaning filled with divine;
No longer in vein, eating bread and sweet wine.

A bitter life, I’ve traveled much more;
But humbled I am, on my knees at the door.

Over the hill I’ve gained quite a life;
Now I see it means nothing but strife.

Amen, I can see now, it all looks so clear;
It’s too bad it took me so long to get here.

But now looking back I’d stand for the truth;
Jesus, He knew what would get me pulled through.

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