on Dec. 20, 2014

Coming Near

Colleen Livingston
The time is now!

It's coming to a head!

Do not look back,

But forward instead!


The highways and byways

Have all faded by,

Don't let another year

Pass you by.


The time is coming near

To an end,

I'm calling you swiftly

My friend I hold dear.


Open your heart

And give it your all,

My friend let's get ready

Your name I do call.


Lord, God, My Shepherd

Please tend to your flock,

I know near embarking

Soon late twelve o'clock.


My Lord, call me quickly

My Lord, give my all,

My Lord, ticking swiftly

My Lord, final call.

Hearken near!

All you who hear!

There is something much deeper

To see.

An angel told me late right this night

A message for all you to see.

Late here in November a loud solemn cry

A drifting memory passing by.

Life as you know it

Sure won't be goin it

Time now to beckon and hear.

The ticking and tocking is the time running clocking

Run over the old left not near.

You best be believing

In the One who is cleaving,

The One who will give you a sear.

Take a bite it's quite a delight

It's all that you thought and then more.

No worries dear fellow

Come peace and now mellow

It's all that you need

So don't fear.

The Bridegroom is coming near.




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