on Aug. 10, 2016

Man of Integrity

Man of Integrity
Let’s see you shine
How long and hard
You’ve worked the road
To see it all unwind.

This is your time
To take your place
Let all the people see
No time to stop, the ticking clock
There will be no more delay.

Over the hills
Round up, you go
Tethering His flock you may
This is the time
Let your light shine
Direct them narrow and straight.

Ticking the clock
It’s near 12:00
Time is slipping near
Don’t stop this trot
Oh tickering tock
This is an alabaster trade

Oh beckoning dear!
No need to fear
This moment is pervious
Indignant yet still
Open your heart
It’s ready fresh fervor and dill

Man of Integrity
Let’s see you shine
It’s time to drink of the vine
Be still blessed one
Your light does still shine
Crack open these shambles and lay 

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