on Jan. 17, 2018

Bearer of Light Cast in the Night


Bearer of Light

You come to me,

Devoutly committed

I long to be.


Bearer of Light

Your image I bear,

Seeking so deeply

There’s no time to spare


Bearer of Nations

The torch I hold high,

Denying the truth

Some fall to the side.


Deeply travailing

We cry through the night,

Wake up all you sinners!

Be pleasing,  His sight!


Deep in the valley

Decisions are made.

Which way to turn

No time to sway.


Open the window

Let darkness come in,

Those who are falling

Choose life, or choose sin.


Open you heavens!

Open wide you gates!

The torrent  survivors

Disdained in their fate.


Likened to wonder

A stormed wall disgraced.

Halleluiah! Sing Praises!

Halleluiah! His Name!


Walls of wonder

Walls of fame

The valley decides

A destiny waits.


Awakened believers,

Awakened now come.

They suffer Her torment

To the ground they’re run.


Escaping no more

She’s captured and torn,

To pieces she lies

No longer forlorn.


Perpetua knew

With sword she was slewn,

Her majesty waited

Longing her soon.


Judges and leaders

Nations and kings,

No one escapes

This last final ring


Fire! Oh Fire!

His judgment shall come!

Higher and higher!

The blood shall run.


Nations! Oh Nations!

Await the Great Day!

The Lord God Almighty

With sword much to slay!


Goodnight wicked dreamers!

Twisted inside.

Goodbye tended sloon!

No barracks to hide.


Havoc to mend,

No counsel to wrought.

Paid with a price

Multitudes bought.


Goodnight wasted temples!

Good fortune, no last,

Appealing to many

Decisions made fast.



Wretched sinners

Turn from your ways,

A darkness is coming

No man can display.


Beyond recognition

Remains to be seen,

Hold that which is close

That you can glean.


Don’t take the mark,

Whatever you do,

Choose your profession

Hold tightly at noon.


Open the gates!

The fire it dwells,

Deep in the pit

That Dragon cast hell.

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