on Sep. 17, 2023

Blessed Brother

Colleen Livingston

Pay homage to the one who died!
"I found my way home!" He cried.
Discovering His deep everlasting
Blessings upon blessings
Extending His grace
"I look upon my Savior!
I shall NEVER leave this place!
Not wanting, nor needing,
Never bleeding
Forever I'll walk
Apostles creeding
My Maker, my Taker
My time here will be
Forever I'm grateful
For my time spent with thee
Crystals of glass, dazzling His throne
Great glory forever!
In time He has shown
His power forever!
Forever we've known
Goodbye blessed friends!
Now family and more!
Blessed be our Savior!
Before His Dear Throne.

In Loving Memory of

Mark Daniel Lirot
Blessed friend and brother in the Lord,

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