About Healing Center

We are currently searching out different venues across the U.S. to open up Healing Centers where we hope to heal many through the application of Light Therapy.

Light Therapy is an intense form of prayer counseling that uses both nudity and laying on of hands.  We have had incredible results through this radical form of prayer that has delivered and healed many people.

Through nudity, Light Therapy helps to desexualize nudity in a way that helps many people overcome struggles in areas of sexual addiction, false religious moralities, homosexuality, pornography, in addition to, many other areas. 

Through laying on of hands many overcome past traumas due to sexual or physical abuse, as well as, emotional abuse.  It is far reaching in the soul and spirit of the person, as well as, physical.  Through intensive prayer people become filled with God’s peace in a way that allows them to fully let go of any pent up memories or traumas that have influenced the ways they view their lives as separate from God.  This intensive form of prayer helps unravel generational world views that have been passed down as a result of generational family sins.  It exposes the root and sources of sin that truly heal and restore a person into having true union with Christ.

To read more about Light Therapy refer to our Light Therapy portion of our website.

We are also currently accepting donations to further this mission. If you would like to donate towards this cause please refer to our Partners portion of our website.

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