Light Therapy

Light Therapy gets its name from its origin. Light Therapy mixes elements of massage therapy with the laying on of hands while praying for an individual for physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. It is a simple laying on of hands to impart peace/stillness, healing, and virtuous light; resulting in a feeling of stillness, euphoria and a profound sense of God.

While the recipient is laying on a massage table nude, they relax into a lucid prayerful, as well as, vulnerable state. The administer prays for the recipient from head to toe, both front and back. Unlike massage therapy, there is no muscle manipulation or rubbing. Hands are laid still on the person’s body with a gentle touch until the administer intuitively senses it is time to move their hands to the next place.

It is known that the physical body holds memories and traumatic responses which are tied to the memory of the spirit/subconscious mind. That is the place where memory, pain and trauma are stored and blocked from acknowledgment. When light is being imparted, while the body and soul are in a euphoric state of peace, it illuminates the memories. While the mind and body are in this relaxed and peaceful state fears and guards are dropped. The illuminating light results in both the recipient and administer seeing visions and past memories of past trauma while those painful memories are soothed by the impartation. By the power of God’s Spirit the overwhelming pent up spiritual energy (feelings) and emotions pass through the administer while they are in their prayerful state leaving the recipient free of the power behind their traumas and wounds. This results in several things, most importantly freedom, a life long weight off the shoulders, or as we say, “bricks out of your backpack.”

Afterwards, when moved on to the dialogue portion of the appointment the administer helps the recipient do two things.
1) acknowledge the memories and traumas which altered their personality in a negative or destructive way. They do this by exploring things which were revealed in the prayer session
2) guide them through a way to embrace and understand the past experiences in a constructive freeing spiritual way.
This can result in an ability to forgive; an ability to face one’s darkest fears, and demons; deliverance; the breaking of inner-vows; and a clarity that allows one to let go of control, rely on God, and have meaningful repentative experiences (a changing of your views and purposes to allow the will of God in your inner man instead of rejecting it).

It is important to point out a couple of things. Every Light Therapy session does not include praying on the entire body or praying while nude. It is still considered Light Therapy when we have dialogue/spiritual direction and pray for the person while clothed, or only laying hands on the back or shoulders or while holding the individual’s hands. How a person is prayed for depends on the needs, how God is leading the individual to be prayed for, and the comfort level of the individual. When nudity is used in Light Therapy sessions it is used as a way to desexualize nudity; overcome body image issues; and to create a vulnerability that is conducive to causing the individual to open up emotionally, facing their issues and fears.

In addition, when someone is receiving prayer on their nude body it doesn’t always happen at every session. This is because many of the effects that come from receiving Light Therapy require experiential change (to experience real life in the world with a different outlook) before they take root and before it is time to move on letting spiritual light expose other issues.

As well, those beginning Light Therapy don’t often start out having this type of prayer in the beginning because of the fears, traumas, false moralities, tactile defensiveness, body image and modesty issues that they want freedom from. In these cases we are clear with the recipient during their orientation where the sessions will eventually lead. However, measures or steps leading up to being able to receive Light Therapy prayer are always done at the speed and acceptance of the recipient’s comfort level.

A key aspect of Light Therapy is its approach. In all cases, it helps recipients make internal adjustments in order to be at peace with people and their circumstances both past and present. It guides them to learn how to be content, even joyful within their “garden” — not outside of what God has destined them to have in life. It doesn’t afford for people to continue being under the delusion that if we just have the perfect circumstances and people treat us in just a certain way, then we can be happy and at peace.

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