Lilies in the Midnight Hour

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Lilies in the Midnight Hour
A Message for America
Colleen Livingston

Bringer of light above the lilies,
Tread fast beyond the fields.
I’ve opened up my heart to you,
Only you can mold and heal.

Jars of clay prance through the fire,
I once belonged to you.
Returning now my heart’s desire,
Rendering the almond blue.

Have you heard what I sang?
Last night amidst the rain?
I ran a long, long, way for you
Beholding everything as true.

Hearing waters near the ocean shore,
I once believed it so much more.
But now I see dark gray and ashes,
Bleeding death beneath the floor.

I haven’t listened to the stagnant cry
Of death, and dark, and ashes.
I’ve listened to the mellow silence
Rearing up in the midnight hour.

Distant lilies come to bloom,
The Son begins to rise.
What once a shadow in the distance,
A Tree of Splendor, tall, and wise.

Have you heard the news from heaven shout?
The angels sounding trumpets loud?
The King is coming in His glory!
Midst the angels loud and sing!

O praises to the Lamb of God!
O praises to the King!

O shout the Heavens to the King!
We hold so dear and true!
This night among the lilies sing,
The One who holds us through!

Loving laughter in the midnight hour,
Though your judgment does here loom;
The bright and beauty laughter
Washes clean the dark and gloom.

Come gather all you people
Near the beacon in the night.
Filled with love, and peace, and joy;
A shimmer of pure light.

I have a secret you shall know
Just open up your ears;
He’s coming to you in the night
To wipe away your tears.

Loving Lamb of God He is
Shedding all what was, is gone;
He’s giving you another chance
To do it right and make it count.

Sweet dreams this night, in peace you rest
Among the lilies in the field;
He walks among you giving strength
To love and walk and yield.

Lilies in the midnight hour
Casting light upon the trees,
We weep and wale far beneath;
We fall down to our knees.

Weeping willows we have fallen
But you pick us up at last;
We lie beneath the darkness
Of what all has come to pass.

Weeping willows we will see
All that is to come upon, the Great and Terrible hour.
Lilies come to rise this night,
This final midnight hour.

It’s raining down the drops
Are loud and large,
Wiping clean the pity smells
Of wickedness and snarth.

Hail to the King of Glory!
Hail to the King!
This is the midnight hour,
Midst the lilies we do sing!

Strike rod and scepter,
This hour must now pass.
Get rid of all the scales gnashes;
What I say comes and all passes.

Woe to you, the ones who fall,
Great torment will befall you.
I weep and ache for now it’s time
To part our ways, no longer love among you.

Woe to you, o’ wicked ones
The time has come to pass;
There is no turning back now
You’ve chosen against the path.

I groan of all the times
I tried to win you to my bosom,
But you clearly have rejected me;
And now the time has come.

Awake o’sleepers midst the darkness,
I’ve called you in the night.
Your final hour now to rise,
Among the lilies you will fly.

You will rise among the nations
Shining glory to the kings,
Speaking of the One so holy;
Lamb of God, the King of Kings.

America, The Beautiful,
My Sheep do hear my voice.
My flock is being tend to here,
My glory to behold.

America, America
How beautiful you are.
Nations come to see your beauty,
Shining light streams from afar.

America, The Beautiful
The time has come to stand.
Upon this rock of righteousness,
Sweeping across the land.

America, America
How beautiful you are.
My children, my sweet lambs you are;
I tend to you, my lambs.

This final hour I behold your beauty,
This destined time, this final hour.
How glorious your name will be
From far beyond the towers.

Amen, o' nations, hear the Lord!
Amen, the time has come!
Amen, America, The Beautiful!
Amen, Her time has come!

Shine so brightly, Beautiful One,
My radiant, pure, and true.
America my precious gem,
Never will I leave you.

Distant cries you’ll hear, but I am near;
This hour must come upon you.
But remember this, my Beautiful
It’s because I do love you.

I discipline the ones I love
To draw them back to me.
Hold tight among the lilies,
This hour is of truth.

What lies ahead is glory
Infinite among the heavens;
Hold tight to me this midnight hour
Among the lilies you will find me.

Come gather all my lilies
Midst the fields near the ocean shore.
Align yourselves this final hour
What once was lost, it now is more.

Stay close to me, I'll give you shelter
Neath the trees that give new life.
Render all your hearts and garments,
Hold peace and do not strife.

The coming glory of the Lamb
Awaited long is now to come.
His glory now revealed us,
The Coming of the Son!

It is His time to reign the Earth,
His government and peace is worth.
The Era of His reign will last,
Eternal we will bow and cast.

Thank you Jesus
For your grace,
Removing from us
All disgrace.

You are so gentle giving us
This chance to rise with you, the Son.
Forever we will praise your Name,
Sweet Jesus, Holy Lamb, was slain.

We love and honor You,
Now and forevermore.


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