My Bride Shall Fly

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My Bride Shall Fly

Colleen Livingston

Twinkled neath the tatter hear the scattered distance grow;
Shattered neath the scepter fearing Me the world shall know.
Twister wraps the bellies of the flailing butterfly;
Transformed as one with Me my bride shall fly.

Oh beauty made from ashes, how sweet you are to Me
I once had time to listen neath the old oak tree.
Times have changed, the time has come,
For the world to know the Righteous One.

Scattered sheep have gone astray,
Oh how she will have to pay.
Her crimes are piled up to the sky;
She will pay, yes, she will die.

Lilies grow amidst the fields,
Filled with tender love, and zeal.
Among the lilies prance and dance,
Evolving to a sweet romance.

Hurray let’s dance the feast has come!
The supper of our marriage has come!
The Lamb, the Lion, now hear Him roar!
Defending His people with a sword!

Jesus, Son of Man, you come,
Upon the clouds, Oh Glorious One.
Parading all the saints and glory,
The world shall bow, the final story.

Judgment now shall come and stay;
Oh how I want to stand that day.
Head held high to the Righteous One,
To you my life, my heart belongs.

Keep me close right by your side,
I don’t want to run and hide.
Boldly walking, your Throne of Grace,
Finally I get to see your face.

I love you Jesus with all my heart,
Eternity with you shall start.
Long awaited this time has come,
Precious Lamb of God, the Son.

Hold tight, hold fast it all shall pass,
It’s worth it all it’s meant to last.
Worthy is the Lamb so true,
Worth it all for it is due.

No more jagged edges twisted fervent tear,
My bride is one with Me and pure.
No jackals shutter neath the mutter of the stagnant cry,
It all has gone beneath the darkened blaze of tore.


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