Awake O'Sleepers the Time has Come

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Awake O’Sleepers the Time has Come

Colleen Livingston

Rain drops fall, You wash me clean
You even take the things unseen
Removing all the muck and mire
This night, in You, I shall retire

Did you hear today the news on High?
The angels singing passing by?
A trumpet blast they blow their horns!
A warning of a coming storm!

Awake o’sleepers it’s time to march!
Awake o’sleepers out of the dark!
It’s time to shine across the land!
It’s time we now extend our hand!

No time to sleep, no time to sleep
Come gather all His scattered sheep.
Responsible shepherds the flock to grow
As One with Me the world shall know.

My dear sweet lambs awake to see
The unveiling of My mysteries.
Signs and wonders with you shall follow;
Unraveling ways the world can’t swallow.

Spirit to spirit uniting as one;
The manifestation of the Son.
My body alive among the Earth;
Jesus Holy Lamb is worth.

Awake o’sleepers, Awake this night!
It’s time to spark the flame in flight!
Awake o’sleepers, Awake it’s time!
I am yours and you are Mine.

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  • Dayton Smith

    This is such an amazing poem that is just filled with God's love. And it totally gave me goosebumps on the last stanza. Now is the time to awake!

    Dayton Smith Thursday, 11 October 2012 14:03 Comment Link
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