Abraham in the Lord's Bosom

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Abraham in the Lord’s Bosom
Colleen Livingston

The following poem is based on the death of Abraham as written according to Jewish Rabbinical Tradition.

Even trees they know Your name;
They bow and shout the Lamb was slain!
Such beauty do You behold and create,
From sun in the morning, till moon at late.

The stars how they shine with color so bright,
Glistening flashes of gold through the night.
Oh Majesty beauty behold you are true!
Exalted above all we are and we do!

Copper trails of deer prancing by;
The beauties of amber filled grains grow high.
The wings of birds they spread through the sky,
Flapping and singing the Lord’s lullaby.

Good morning sweet blue jays I see you this day!
Good morning dew plants of crisp fragrance portray!
Of beauty you are such treasures to see,
Creation you’ve made such a keen mystery.

God of my Father’s of Israel claim;
Abraham spoke of the trees who sang.
He knew what they said that sad, sad night,
When Angel Michael came to take his life.

“No!, no!” he said “do not take my soul!”
Sweet Michael respected, tearfully sold.
He went to the Lord to speak of his friend;
The Lord sent him back to return him again.

Again he refused saying he did not want to leave;
Again Angel Michael gently agreed.
Returning, the Lord, sent to do it by force;
Deceiving sweet Abraham with death to endorse.

The Angel of Death appearing in light.
Abraham demanding he show him plain sight.
As Death appeared to manifest dark,
Thousands fell down to die from the stark.

Still Abraham lived but fell ill that night;
In tears seeing loved ones who died in his sight.
Finally the Lord came to give him a kiss,
Abraham melted into eternal bliss.

In the Lord’s bosom he died that night,
Forever departing this world, a sad sight.
Yes even the trees they mourned this great loss,
This man, Abraham, brought faith to the lost.

He sought out to save as many he could,
To show them to Yahweh, the Lord who is true.
A faithful servant set out to do good,
Forming and shaping a great multitude.

In heaven he stands by the Father’s side,
Along with the saints who have followed his tide.
Father of Faith much respect you are due,
Sweet Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob are true.

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