Refining Her Pure

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Refining Her Pure

Colleen Livingston

You hold the seven stars in your hand;
Enveloped by your mercy I stand.
With you I walk, my head held high;
Your yoke is easy, Your burden is light.

My heart lays bare before you;
There’s nothing for you I would not do.
Sweet Lord of Mercy from darkness You called;
From ashes you brought me, my knees I do fall.

May I be counted worthy of the call?
Lord, let your fire fall.
Consumed by your grace I lay;
Down at your feet I pray.

Let my lamp be one filled with oil;
Like a maiden awaiting, like a seed in fresh soil.
Overflowing with love, poured out for you;
Lord God of Mercy, what else can I do?

I give you it all, my heart and my life;
To spend it on you, a flame to ignite.
Making a difference restoring your bride;
Back to her lover with strongest of stride.

She’ll dance with you in step and in stride;
Uniting with you on horse she will ride.
Parading her lover igniting the sky!
Creation tearfully bowing as you pass by.

It’s time Sweet Lord, just give me the sign;
With you I will dance in step and in time.
Sweet God of Mercy deserving us pure,
No longer conflicted, it is You whom we serve.

Master over all, given to all mankind;
A gift we hold onto, a treasure to find.
Lord God of Mercy, You are so divine,
Please open our hearts to be one, refined.

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