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Thank You Father

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Thank You Father

Colleen Livingston

Thank you Father for choosing me;
Sometimes midst the storm I regret to see.
That you pulled me out and set my feet firm,
Upon a rock I am protected from any lurking worm.

It’s hard to grasp the love you have for a lowly soul like me;
It is certainly not something I earned to be one with thee.
Yet still you continue to lavish this love for all eternity,
Lord, you are a mystery, and I don’t know how this can be.

I never want to forget that you chose me,
To take the lead and carry the torch for all to see.
And still you knew this before I was alive or could breathe,
Thank you for this gift of life you’ve given me.

At times it is hard when I think of the ones who cannot see,
When I think of when I used to consider them family.
But now I know that if you didn’t choose me,
They would never have a light in darkness to see.

For this I will pick up my cross and follow thee,
In hopes that one day they will see;
The way, the truth, and the life, is free.
They can stop their delusions and pick eternity.

Thanks for setting me aside with purpose and zeal;
Thanks that I can help others, too, get healed.
Thanks that you have shown me the way;
Thanks a million, Lord, forever I pray.

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