Since Before There Was Time

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Since Before There Was Time

Colleen Livingston

Since before there was time
You brought tears to my eyes.
Remembering you when I died on that cross
Never have I ever seen it as loss.

To give you My life surrendered on earth
Is worth all eternity with you I am sure.
I knew all along you’d pick me and run,
Pressed onto the mark radiant as the Son.

Since before there was time
I laid down My life, so you would be Mine.
When I remember the moment I hung on that tree,
I knew you would lift your heart up to Me.

I have no regrets my purpose fulfilled,
I would do it again, if my Father willed.
Before there was time such beauty beheld,
The unveiling story that will soon foretell.

I come as a King parading my Bride!
Her beauty immaculate, she stands by My side.
Exalted my Queen she stands next to Me,
As judge she will reign for eternity.

Since before there was time
I knew you’d be mine
I would do it all over for this one, so divine.

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