The Saints are Coming Home

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The Saints are Coming Home

Colleen Livingston

Redeemed, I am like a bird, I can fly
Thanks to You, my past is shattered, gone by.

You take what was, and make it new
The darkness shattered, in the sea you threw.

My sins are far away now, never to be seen;
You are my testimony, freedom for all to see.

I will not hang low or be dragged down;
Like a light on a lamp stand, I will shine renowned.

You bore the sins of many, when You died upon that cross;
Lifted up to heaven now baring beauty from the dust.

Never to be looked upon this world as darkened gloom;
It is because of You, my Lord, Your light can see us through.

You cast away all darkness, it must vanish in Your sight;
Far away You cast it down, Your torch flamed high, ignite.

Crystal glass is glaring, see the rainbow, jasper, blue;
Clearing out the way for all the saints of multitude.

This last and final hour so much glory to behold;
When all of us go marching towards the One who’s true, foretold.

My Lord we are Your chosen ones, to spread like rapid fire;
The sky will fill with stars so bright this last and final hour.

Inside we carry all we need, this Treasure we behold;
Yes, on our way we’re marching forth, the saints are coming home!

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