Did You Hear His Whisper?

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Did you Hear his Whisper?

Colleen Livingston

Did you hear His whisper in the night give His last final word?
He granted that you live with Him eternally and not deterred.

He waved His hands up in the sky to show you where to go;
He raised His body from the ground, the seed dead, now lives to grow.

He never meant to bring you harm but only victory;
He came to show you His great grace to live eternally.

We stand here now right by His side, no longer need to fear;
He's driven out the darkest cast, no longer shed your tears.

You have been chosen for such a time to bring forth His great name;
So do not to take it lightly but stand firm, march forth, His fame.

Glorious above the skies the saints are marching loud;
They sing amidst the angels marching forth on that great cloud.

O King of Glory this is the time for your fullness be revealed;
I march here now amidst the stars, light up the sky unveiled.

Jesus, King, Sweet Lord of Lords, how beautiful you are;
We sing and worship You, Sweet Lord, amidst the brightest stars.

It all has come, the time is now, to march forth in victory;
The hour of your majesty will reign here endlessly.

Did you hear His whisper when you went to sleep last night?
It's time to let this hour come, for Him, we march to fight.

No longer tired, weary, broken souls, with weakness in our veins;
But strong He gives us all we need to glorify His name.

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