The Day Isaac was Born

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The Day Isaac was Born

Colleen Livingston

I remember the day as vibrant as light;
When Isaac, my child, was born to this life.

As radiant shining with crystals of blue;
His eyes were like thunder, yet piercing he knew.

This child of light has come to the world;
Not one thing will hinder, God’s will for him grows.

I couldn’t imagine a child so bright;
The Father and Son smiled fondly his sight.

Doting they saw him, a gift they did give;
For me to hold close and protect him to live.

This is not a child of common profaned;
"A heavenly creature in our charge!" God proclaimed.

The day he was born all of heaven did see;
The angels were shouting, "The Lord’s victory!"

The saints will come marching towards His holy throne;
Singing sweet praises of life we now know.

Isaac, my son, how I cherish this time;
While you are still young, in my bosom you climb.

Someday you will grow as a pillar so tall;
That many will hear you, and answer the call.

They’ll lay down their lives one soul at a time;
To give Christ the glory and be one with His vine.

A victor so grand that the world has not seen;
When all the saints marching, will reign endlessly.

Amazing he shines, to show them the way;
Forever his torch will burn high with His flame.


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