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Colleen Livingston

Forever you have loved me and thought about this day;
When everything was crashing down, you came to show the way.

Forever you have given strength and shown me what to do;
But all the while, I was looking in, every way but you.

I’ve given you my life now, Lord, it’s what I choose to do;
Because you have forgiven me, I’ll serve you through and through.

Forever you have loved me Lord and had great plans for me;
Accomplishing your will sweet Lord, fulfilling destiny.

I love you Lord with all my heart, you’ve changed me through and through;
You give me peace, you give me strength, I owe it all to you.

All plans are reconciled now before I even knew;
Forever you were thinking of this time of fortitude.

Yes Prince of Peace you are my guide you show me what to do;
Forever you are with me now to teach me what is true.

True freedom does not fade away or have a stagnant shine;
It’s glorious above the world, its breeze does fly divine.

Oh Maker of Dear Heaven, yes, the One who shows me through;
I bow right now in reverence to your shine of magnitude.

To take a life, to give a life, your plans are far beyond;
Forever you were looking at this moment we’re upon.

You have a plan, you have a way, beyond our little minds;
Forever you have known us Lord, our destinies defined.

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