Wheat Worthy

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Wheat Worthy

Colleen Livingston

I want to be found worthy;
To be standing on that Day.
To be lifted up with You on high;
Sharpened sickle reaping grain.

I want to be wheat worthy;
Enduring cross in hand this day.
In union with the Christ, our Lord;
To be wheat worthy, Lord, I pray.

I ran across a field,
Filled with amber waves of grain.
It struck my heart so deeply;
Down my knees I wept to say.

"Lord God of Hosts You’re worthy!"
"Giving us the chance to stay!"
"Right by Your side union;
Standing with you on that Day."

To be found worthy of Your wheat;
Removing all the muck and mire.
I resign my life on earth here Lord;
Eternity with You desired.

I want to be found worthy;
Removing all that keeps me bound.
So on that Day you’ll lift me up;
Not tasting death, rather life renowned.

I’ll fill my lamp now full with oil;
Not drying out for just one min.
I want to be found worthy;
To be your bride at the wedding din.

I want to be found worthy;
Of Your wheat through thick and thin.
When others come to knock me down;
I will turn my other chin.

To be wheat worthy on that Day;
This is all I long to be.
I’ll give You all my life in stride;
Pure and spotless made for Thee.

“Over the top!” The world may mock.
No matter what they say is true;
I want to be found wheat worthy, Lord.
I’m only out to be one with You.

So lift your hands up high!
And shout His name!
His victory is here!
Lord God of Hosts is ready now;
To reap His wheat He loves so dear.

Gather all the harvest’s ready!
Gather all Your bride You’ve longed!
She’s paved the way without delay;
Next to You she’ll stand with crown.

I want to be found wheat worthy;
Upon a Rock I’ll stand and shout;
Amen and Halleluiah!
To the One upon that cloud!

Tethering in the wind He rides;
Sharp sword He comes at last!
White horse He rides as King;
He strides and reigns above the rest!

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  • Dayton Smith

    This was an amazing poem. I could so feel the heart behind this one. It was more of a prayer than a poem. Thank you, Colleen for this. I truly want to be wheat worthy as well. We are living for the wedding feast. To not run out of oil and to stay in union with God until the final day. I hope more people hear the Revelation message so they too can be blown away by this. Love you guys!! Keep taking ground :)

    Dayton Smith Tuesday, 14 May 2013 18:28 Comment Link
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