At a Glance

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At a Glance

Colleen Livingston

A tide has shifted if you look;
You can catch it at a glance.
A lot more people who were blind;
Yes, they can see the King at last.

The air is clear now you can see;
His bride’s preparing who to be.
She looks a lot like Mary did;
Before she gave birth to the King.

Clothed in the sun she’s wearing;
Twelve stars above her head.
Adorned in precious jewels;
Worn across communed in bread.

To gather all His sheep;
She’s waiting patiently for Him.
He’s fast anticipating for;
The wedding feast, yes, to begin.

"Oh my!" He shouts from chambers.
"How I long to see my bride!"
Awaiting longing hours;
To dance as one with her in stride.

A match that’s made in heaven;
Yes none other you can find.
It’s best to tell this secret;
These two lovers are divine.

"Amen!" He shouts with glory.
Alpha Omega, is His name;
"I’ve come to gather all my saints;"
"To join and march with Me in fame."

Arise oh saints! It’s time to march!
Arise the time is here!
It’s time to give it all to Him!
The Lord is whom we fear!

A golden chalice of His blood;
We’ll drink in honor of our King.
Pure and spotless is your bride;
Lord, such beauty she will sing.

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  • quinerly

    whoah this site is great i like studying your content regularly. Remain the excellent pictures! You understand, many individuals usually are hunting around for this details, you can aid these people enormously.

    quinerly Monday, 08 July 2013 01:12 Comment Link
  • barry

    I was blind, though I thought I could see. Squinting now, I desire to see the Lord, my greatest hope. But I have to change my ways and heart. I no longer want Him to talk to the hand. Thank-you for opening my eyes as I fight to stay in His light and to hear your hard counsel. I want to be the bride preparing for His return. Thank-you for this poem and the Revelation imagery. And of course a big thank-you for your revolutionary conference on a Revelation. I want to be wheat worthy.

    barry Tuesday, 07 May 2013 20:07 Comment Link
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