One Last Chance

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One Last Chance

Colleen Livingston

Remember when we walked this life
Carefree and without shame?
What I’d do to have it all back now,
Humbly giving up all that I’ve gained.

If I could take a look at what I had
I’d see it’s noble; not to rant.
The raging all I see now, Lord
I’d throw it out for just one chance.

You are a God who seeks the truth.
You cannot tell a lie.
What I see now that I’ve sinned, dear Lord.
My destiny, I hanged to dry.

What if I tried to seek this time,
And truly walk with you in line.
My God what I would give, dear Lord,
An opportunity to try.

My heart is black and that’s a fact,
There’s no denying this is true.
But if I laid it down to try, dear Lord,
I’d give it all to you, I’d prove.

Through thick and thin I’d walk the line,
In humble servitude.
Whatever you do ask me Lord,
I’d do it all, Lord, through and through.

Give me a chance to show my strength,
Deeply repenting on my knees.
I’ll mop it up, this mess I’ve made,
If you’d forgive me, Lord, I plead.

A chance I ask, yet don’t deserve,
I leave it up to You.
What I would give to show my love now, Lord,
There’s only one thing left to do.

I don’t care what people think now, Lord,
It’s eternity with You that I now seek.
A fool I will be now Lord,
What’s lost I’ll gain eternally.

I love you Lord with all my heart.
I truly care where this may lead.
If I could have just one last chance,
Whatever is asked, I will agree.

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  • Kaylee Crogan

    This is amazing! This poem puts determination in me and I love the heart of surrender in it. "My heart is black and thats a fact" but God wants to take the darkness from us if we will give it to Him and use us in great ways. Thank you for this poem.
    is there possibly a feature where we can get email alerts when a new poem gets posted?

    Kaylee Crogan Saturday, 16 November 2013 22:03 Comment Link
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