What You See Is What You Get

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What You See Is What You Get

Colleen Livingston

I’ve searched upon the ocean blue
Trying to find what I once knew
I looked in here and over there
But my past would haunt me through

I laid it down under the ground
Trying to hide the stench of death
But never leaving always pleading
I thought I’d die till my last breadth

Until the day when it all changed
The Son of God came without shame
He wore a cloak of sin to hide
The glory of His name

I cast my sins upon this Rock
I’ve laid it down and started new
The haunted demons from my past
Tossed far away the sea I threw

I owe my life to you now Lord
I see the road is crystal clear
You paved the way to show me how
It is your name now that I fear

Bow down in worship at your name
Obeying your command
I do not want to let you down
Son of God and Son of Man

I’ll wear this cloak of shame to hide
And separate the wolves who think they’re sheep
At peace I stay hidden in here
At night I rest in bed, in you I sleep

Open the eyes of those to hear
The voice of this great tide
This wave of glory coming down
For those in you they will confide

Awaken deep into the night
The ones so destined to ignite
The flame and shot heard round the world
The silence deafening to those who hear

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