Risen You Are

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Risen You Are

Colleen Livingston


Anglers and travelers

They see from afar

His face in you

Has risen the bar!

Awaken the masses!

His message go forth!

Traveling masses

Ascend to the north.

Brightly shining!

This hour at hand!

Revival is coming!

With lilies at hand.

Fragrant in beauty

Her scent raises high

Marching deliverer

By her standing by.

Open your hearts!

This hour has come!

Rise from the ashes

Comes this risen one.

Awaken the masses!

The time is at hand!

Shaking with gratitude

Quaking the land.

Goodbye hallelujah!

Goodbye holy ones!

Risen you are!

Risen you’ll come!

Rise up from the ashes!

This valley so high!

You all will catch Him

For you’ve caught His eye!

Good morning new year!

Good morning rise all!

This summer you’ll see

Her dressed for the ball.

Dancing in fragrance

Of lilies she moves,

On towards her captor

Deliverer too!

Captivates nights

With lilies in bloom

Awaken the masses!

It’s time for this doom.

Outside looks rubble,

But hearts high in flight!

My bride comes adorned

For this fragrant night.

Lilies, oh lilies,

I hear, see and smell,

Beauty from ashes

To rise from this hell.

Amen to the King!

Amen to the One!

Ashes to beauty,


The Son!

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