Gundersen Smith

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Gundersen Smith

By: Colleen Livingston

Angels of the Nordic Sea coming wayward me
I heard a force that went here North across the patrons see
I loudly shout yes here about
Neath enchanted glee
The mysteries of Christ revealed
Neath the wayward tree
Across I’ve come, the Living One
Again, my shame to see
Never forgotten His breath down trodden amidst His glory see
I need not fear, the Lord God near, everlasting! He proclaims
The glory now above the clouds
Need not called in blame, His everlasting loving flame
Gundersen is my name
And my life, I’m not ashamed
Glory God His Name
Anointed you the same
Fairy fields, grass that yields, pastures green and vast with Him
I’ll see such mystery through His sea of crystal glass
Goodnight you nations! Farewell Dear Friends!
Until we meet in glory again!
Gundersen Smith of Old Green Pastures

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