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on Oct. 30, 2012

I am Reconciled

Colleen Livingston

If I walked a thousand miles
And marked my flag down by a tree;
It would not mean a thing
Unless I did it all for Thee.

I am reconciled dead now;
My life is not my own.
Whatever you decide to do;
My body’s dead to dust is thrown.

No longer do I live for me
Deciding what I want to be;
Deciding what would make me happy.
I am reconciled dead, my life I live for Thee.

I can see what Your one life has done;
You made a ripple in the earth.
A drop of life into the ocean;
Works His way to make us pure.

I see now how You did the job,
By showing us the way.
By dying up upon that cross,
Holy Lamb of God was slain.

If One who died for many, to give eternal life;
Then many died for One, carrying torch to ignite.
Imagine a great multitude being slain upon the cross;
This world would see a harvest of great souls, no longer lost.

We are reconciled dead, no longer life our own;
We give it all to you our Lord, rich soil to be sown.
We are reconciled dead, our lives we give to you;
Our life an offering to be poured out in all we do.

When you died upon that cross, you had us all in mind;
To reconcile all the lost, to heal all the blind.
An offering you were to us forever we do see;
Worshiping the Lord of Hosts for all eternity.

My life is yours I lay it down, forever true to you;
Exalted high above the earth, I’ll stand and walk with you.
It’s worth it all, I lay it down, never looking back;
Lord God of Hosts you are so brave, the Leader of the Pack.

Thank you Lord from this day forward;
For all you are to do.
For everything that must still come;
To save the multitude.


on Oct. 27, 2012

The Saints are Coming Home

Colleen Livingston

Redeemed, I am like a bird, I can fly
Thanks to You, my past is shattered, gone by.

You take what was, and make it new
The darkness shattered, in the sea you threw.

My sins are far away now, never to be seen;
You are my testimony, freedom for all to see.

I will not hang low or be dragged down;
Like a light on a lamp stand, I will shine renowned.

You bore the sins of many, when You died upon that cross;
Lifted up to heaven now baring beauty from the dust.

Never to be looked upon this world as darkened gloom;
It is because of You, my Lord, Your light can see us through.

You cast away all darkness, it must vanish in Your sight;
Far away You cast it down, Your torch flamed high, ignite.

Crystal glass is glaring, see the rainbow, jasper, blue;
Clearing out the way for all the saints of multitude.

This last and final hour so much glory to behold;
When all of us go marching towards the One who’s true, foretold.

My Lord we are Your chosen ones, to spread like rapid fire;
The sky will fill with stars so bright this last and final hour.

Inside we carry all we need, this Treasure we behold;
Yes, on our way we’re marching forth, the saints are coming home!

on Oct. 25, 2012

Please Restore Me

Colleen Livingston

Your eyes are like flames of fire;
In my heart, You are my burning desire.
Like flashes of lightening a roaring thunder;
The earth quakes from heaven down under.

Your voice is like many waters,
Crashing out to sea I hear your cry,
A blast of heat from a distant sky;
I hear you tread among us as you pass by.

Your gentle touch holds me upright with strength;
Under your wings you keep me safe.
I will not cast my foot upon a stone,
Lest I fall and I am left all alone.

I am upheld by your mercy, I have life;
You trickle oil down my spine.
Filling my lamp, you make me pure inside;

Jesus, I want to be your spotless bride;
Without blemish I want to be holy in stride.                                                                                                                                                       

You are the One who can change me,
Please restore me and make me presentable for thee.

on Oct. 24, 2012

To Be Forgiven Much Means to Love Much

Colleen Livingston

To be forgiven much means to love much;
Remembering where I came from and such.
You threw it all away no longer thinking of it;
What kind of God that You pulled me from the pit.

To be forgiven much means to love much;
This means I stand by Your side wherever You thrust.
Your wish is my command;
The fact that I get to stand in Your Holy Land.

To be forgiven much means to love much;
Bound to You with all I do in constant touch.
Much is owed to You, You are all I have;
The fact that I am Your daughter and You, my Dad.

To be forgiven much means to love much;
Your body on the Earth, Your will I will clutch.

To be forgiven much means to love much;                                                                                                                                                    Yes, to be forgiven much means...

To love much.

on Oct. 22, 2012

Stay in His Tide

Colleen Livingston

Dabbling in a distant storm,
Forget about the “new world reform”,
Our focus is on Jesus , to whom we conform.

In His image we walk among the earth,
Discerning the powers that be and lure,
Wise as a fox we can see the deepest stir.

Put on your armor, prepare for war,
This is not a small thing we are to endure;
But protected we will be under Him, who is pure.

Do not walk in pride or be arrogant in stride,
The enemy prowls to capture you in an opportune time;
Humble and contrite we will walk in the flow of His tide.

Resigned we will be to what He wills and decides,
His ways are not our ways, so line up to light up the sky.
Glorious He will be upon His horse He will ride.

This is the final hour, yes, much is to come;
So give up control, into His arms is where to run.
There is no time to dabble in the worldy ways of fun.

Listen to your inner man, follow your gut.
It may not make sense to others you love;
As one who is of the spirit, fly like a dove.

We serve a different Master, who gives sight to the blind;
Who heals the sick and is a treasure to find;
His name is Jesus, the Anointed One, defined.

on Oct. 21, 2012

Since Before There Was Time

Colleen Livingston

Since before there was time
You brought tears to my eyes.
Remembering you when I died on that cross
Never have I ever seen it as loss.

To give you My life surrendered on earth
Is worth all eternity with you I am sure.
I knew all along you’d pick me and run,
Pressed onto the mark radiant as the Son.

Since before there was time
I laid down My life, so you would be Mine.
When I remember the moment I hung on that tree,
I knew you would lift your heart up to Me.

I have no regrets my purpose fulfilled,
I would do it again, if my Father willed.
Before there was time such beauty beheld,
The unveiling story that will soon foretell.

I come as a King parading my Bride!
Her beauty immaculate, she stands by My side.
Exalted my Queen she stands next to Me,
As judge she will reign for eternity.

Since before there was time
I knew you’d be mine
I would do it all over for this one, so divine.

on Oct. 19, 2012

Thank You Father

Colleen Livingston

Thank you Father for choosing me;
Sometimes midst the storm I regret to see.
That you pulled me out and set my feet firm,
Upon a rock I am protected from any lurking worm.

It’s hard to grasp the love you have for a lowly soul like me;
It is certainly not something I earned to be one with thee.
Yet still you continue to lavish this love for all eternity,
Lord, you are a mystery, and I don’t know how this can be.

I never want to forget that you chose me,
To take the lead and carry the torch for all to see.
And still you knew this before I was alive or could breathe,
Thank you for this gift of life you’ve given me.

At times it is hard when I think of the ones who cannot see,
When I think of when I used to consider them family.
But now I know that if you didn’t choose me,
They would never have a light in darkness to see.

For this I will pick up my cross and follow thee,
In hopes that one day they will see;
The way, the truth, and the life, is free.
They can stop their delusions and pick eternity.

Thanks for setting me aside with purpose and zeal;
Thanks that I can help others, too, get healed.
Thanks that you have shown me the way;
Thanks a million, Lord, forever I pray.

on Oct. 12, 2012

Refining Her Pure

Colleen Livingston

You hold the seven stars in your hand;
Enveloped by your mercy I stand.
With you I walk, my head held high;
Your yoke is easy, Your burden is light.

My heart lays bare before you;
There’s nothing for you I would not do.
Sweet Lord of Mercy from darkness You called;
From ashes you brought me, my knees I do fall.

May I be counted worthy of the call?
Lord, let your fire fall.
Consumed by your grace I lay;
Down at your feet I pray.

Let my lamp be one filled with oil;
Like a maiden awaiting, like a seed in fresh soil.
Overflowing with love, poured out for you;
Lord God of Mercy, what else can I do?

I give you it all, my heart and my life;
To spend it on you, a flame to ignite.
Making a difference restoring your bride;
Back to her lover with strongest of stride.

She’ll dance with you in step and in stride;
Uniting with you on horse she will ride.
Parading her lover igniting the sky!
Creation tearfully bowing as you pass by.

It’s time Sweet Lord, just give me the sign;
With you I will dance in step and in time.
Sweet God of Mercy deserving us pure,
No longer conflicted, it is You whom we serve.

Master over all, given to all mankind;
A gift we hold onto, a treasure to find.
Lord God of Mercy, You are so divine,
Please open our hearts to be one, refined.

on Oct. 11, 2012

Jesus, Messiah, King of the Jews

He treads in the night throughout the camp;
Strengthening men with His light in their lamp.
Carrying torch they parade through the fields,
Marking His freedom more souls, they will yield.

King of the Jews! You died on the cross;
Enduring and suffering this world seems loss.
But life everlasting you gave us that day;
Your blood poured out, like a lamb you were slain.

You came here so lowly and poor among us,
Making us beauty from ashes and dust.
A life giving Spirit released in the Earth,
Forever we live no longer deterred.

Jesus, Messiah, the King of the Jews,
It’s up to us which path to choose.
The gate it is narrow for those who are right,
Sadly it’s wide for those who fight.

You say but a few will make the cut,
Awaken those souls asleep in the rut.
They think they are serving a master, who’s true;
Deceived by the Devil, enslaved they delude.

Jesus awaken the ones You did choose,
Spreading like fire a great multitude.
A harvest the world has yet to see,
The saints they will march as big as the sea.

A torch they will carry inflamed in the sky;
Many will fall to their knees and cry.
“Forgive me, Lord! I turn now to You!”
“Jesus, Messiah, King of the Jews!”

Overhead! Look up! Now you can see!
All is revealed, the Great Mystery!
Open your hearts, the Law it is there!
Inside the lining, He teaches His word!

A stony heart becomes one of flesh!
Imagine His Spirit inside to caress.
Soothing the pain He anoints you with balm;
Deeper than simply reading a psalm.

Jesus, Messiah, the King of the Jews!
Forever as one we will praise You!
What wonders it is to live in this day!
Never will we trade it or throw it away!

on Oct. 10, 2012

Abraham in the Lord’s Bosom
Colleen Livingston

The following poem is based on the death of Abraham as written according to Jewish Rabbinical Tradition.

Even trees they know Your name;
They bow and shout the Lamb was slain!
Such beauty do You behold and create,
From sun in the morning, till moon at late.

The stars how they shine with color so bright,
Glistening flashes of gold through the night.
Oh Majesty beauty behold you are true!
Exalted above all we are and we do!

Copper trails of deer prancing by;
The beauties of amber filled grains grow high.
The wings of birds they spread through the sky,
Flapping and singing the Lord’s lullaby.

Good morning sweet blue jays I see you this day!
Good morning dew plants of crisp fragrance portray!
Of beauty you are such treasures to see,
Creation you’ve made such a keen mystery.

God of my Father’s of Israel claim;
Abraham spoke of the trees who sang.
He knew what they said that sad, sad night,
When Angel Michael came to take his life.

“No!, no!” he said “do not take my soul!”
Sweet Michael respected, tearfully sold.
He went to the Lord to speak of his friend;
The Lord sent him back to return him again.

Again he refused saying he did not want to leave;
Again Angel Michael gently agreed.
Returning, the Lord, sent to do it by force;
Deceiving sweet Abraham with death to endorse.

The Angel of Death appearing in light.
Abraham demanding he show him plain sight.
As Death appeared to manifest dark,
Thousands fell down to die from the stark.

Still Abraham lived but fell ill that night;
In tears seeing loved ones who died in his sight.
Finally the Lord came to give him a kiss,
Abraham melted into eternal bliss.

In the Lord’s bosom he died that night,
Forever departing this world, a sad sight.
Yes even the trees they mourned this great loss,
This man, Abraham, brought faith to the lost.

He sought out to save as many he could,
To show them to Yahweh, the Lord who is true.
A faithful servant set out to do good,
Forming and shaping a great multitude.

In heaven he stands by the Father’s side,
Along with the saints who have followed his tide.
Father of Faith much respect you are due,
Sweet Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob are true.

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