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on Aug. 17, 2014

Nation of Light

Colleen Livingston

Clothed with Light!
This nation shall be,
Shimmering glowing!
With great majesty.

I pledge allegiance!
An open book song,
For all who have been pardoned,
And have hung on this long.

Halleluiah! We praise Him!
In sweet victory!
Ignited hearts glaring,
As one we will see.

A mountain has tumbled,
An ocean turned two,
Many have fallen,
In great destitute.

America a nation!
Was once great and strong!
A part in this world,
You no longer belong.

Hold tight and hold stronger!
It’s our time to lead!
This world it has fallen,
There’s nothing to see.

A holograph, a sonogram,
An open heart beat.
Let’s march for a new life,
Calling all to their knees.

Obama and Oprah,
There is no difference you see.
No matter the title,
It’s our destiny.

A nation of beauty!
Of one great design,
Lay down now your burdens,
And turn now your blind eyes.

Scales will fall now,
Awakened we’ll be!
Shining with glory!
The land of the free!

Over the hills,
Through desperate valleys,
America has fallen,
It’s fame all gone sadly.

The world will go on,
This nation will change,
Humbled the proud,
Will call His name.

Jesus of Nazareth!
The King of all kings!
Right now you are calling,
Us down to our knees.

Repent now I grant you,
My mercy and grace!
A time of forgiveness,
To seek out My face.

I likened to call it,
A time to hold fast,
The bride she is arousing,
Her King to come back!

A nation of light!
This nation will be!
Hold on and hold tight!
For the One who is unseen!

 A crown on His head,
Red robe you will see.
He’s ready to conquer
It’s His victory!

Goodnight now, My children,
It’s time now to sleep.
But soon you will wake up,
And arise as My sheep!

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