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on Mar. 16, 2015

Her Name Now is Sadie

Colleen Livingston

There was a moment when I could see
A moment when it all came and hit me
Awakened I was by a moment’s blast
I was reminded of what I did in my past
I ached and I moaned long dead to the grave
Those souls long dead wondering which ones were saved
Hours and nights I’d ponder these things
Till one day it hit me the life’s song I did sing
Halleluiah! my praises they sing to the end
Halleluiah! my song to you I do send
My darling blue morning jay birds do sing
Sweet song of salvation my soul now does bring
All of the laughter, all of the cries
Those many years that passed me by
I know now my pardons, I know now my past
But I’m glad now His mercy has saved me at last
My name now is Sadie
I stand proud and sing
The glorious hope and future He brings
His love lasts forever
His love never ends
For now it’s goodbye to my sweet dear old friends
Goodbye sweet ones
May love ever last
Goodbye my sweet dear
With you I am grateful
To shed now this tear

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