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on Apr. 25, 2015


Everlasting Your mercy reigns
An unearthing point of view
So far have I fallen
That You would make me
something new

Everlasting You shine
Growing bigger deep inside
One day soon You will take over
In step with You
I will abide

Everlasting My Savior
Mighty King Your glory shines
I can’t recall a moment but
The tethering winds shook down
my spine

Everlasting deep blue sea
Searching fervently through the night
One day soon the glory will come
Shifting brightly but not
too tight

Everlasting lay my pillow
Down to sleep, yes now I pray
Someday soon I’ll get to know You
Someday soon will be
the Day

Everlasting don’t forget me
Everlasting knows my name
In Him I seek my refuge
On my knees I now
Do pray

Goodnight, my dear Beloved
Goodnight, my Holy and True
You are the One I treasure
Giving life and
All things new

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