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on Jun. 23, 2018

The Truth Not Forgotten

Colleen Livingston

Apocryphal end times translations are filled with lies and hypocrisies. 
Ignorant scholarly men executing vain attempts  and credences
that blow open doors of deception.
It’s all folly. 
This generation needs to hear and is destined to hear My message, declares the Lord.
Nations will awaken, Nations will arise. 
Swallowed, pride now soaked in ashes. 
Arrogance now boasted for nameless fonts. 
Theoretics grossly maimed tethered by black wilderbees. 
Vain executions masked with petty plagiarisms. 
Able bodied men groan cold in corpse, never to raise crop in field again. 
Fretting a fury they run to free from the wrath of death.
Angels appear not distant, but near to take heart the ones I have called. 
Be still little ones I have given you light, your path comes forth in the night.
Hold tightly this arm of strength and renown given for all who look past.
A vengeance will come, but not on these ones.
My precious I hold near My lap. 
Be clean, be pure
not long to endure
My glory forever shall last. 
Peace with you and tidings
for those abiding in the One
who is Holy and True.

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