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on May. 21, 2019


Colleen Livingston

May your victory go forth among the nations! my King.
May your victory go forth among the nations! I sing.
Halleluiah! I sing sweet praises to Him!
Enamored in beauty He calls my name!
Halleluiah! I sing sweet praises to the King!
Enamored He’s walking, Make way for the King!
Procession is here! It’s coming, you see!

Ancient wells rendered and sealed in sight!
Angels who walk with Him in plain sight!
Hear, hearken! He calls, here, hearken! out loud!
Last ringing, last ringing, hear those angel bells!
Shouts of loud praises and loud angel yells!
Woe sounding! Woe sounding! Woe sounding! It’s here!
Wake up! All you people!
Wake up! Now it’s here!
His majesty takes His victory bells!
Shouts over nations!
He clears the halls!
Beckoning the ones who heed the call!
Awaken you nations!
He’s here in plain sight!
Can’t you see Him filled with His light?
Amen! Halleluiah! He’s here in plain sight!
With this I take heed, with this I will fight!
Enamored I walk in His presence my fame!
May all of His glory be steadfast in fame!
Amen! Halleluiah! To the One I do love!
With you I will walk till I’m with you above.

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