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on Jul. 22, 2019
The One I Love
Colleen Livingston
Beloved beyond the trees?
I am here down at my knees.
I hear your deep blue whisper
Wrestling amidst the breeze
Last night you held me softly
Tenderly you wiped my tears
A glimpse of you
Casts away my darkest fears
Holy Father you keep me safe
How I wish I could be with thee
Home amidst your beauty
Enamored by your glory
Thank you for your loving kindness
And your mercy upon my soul
So many times fell away
You somehow made a way
Please hold me closely, Lord
So that I do not stray
And take me home 
To be with you
Eternally I'll stay
A kiss from my beloved 
It's all that was meant to be
A warm embrace from heaven
Deep from his heart to me
Oh how I wish to see you Lord
All hindrances aside 
Faithfully walking with you
Reigning side by side
Thank you for all you do
All the things I do not see
I shan't forget your goodness
And how you have set me free
Beloved I am grateful
Beloved I will see
Face to face I'll see you
When I meet Eternity
From the ashes
You have called me
From the ashes
Made me clean
Only you can save me 
From the things 
I have not seen
A lot of hope to live for
Moving forward 
Day by day
His presence
He will guide me
Near to him 
I will stay.
Amen and Hallelujah
Amen to the One I love
Praises to your glory
As you reign from
high above. 

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