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on Aug. 10, 2023

Forever, Everlasting

Colleen Livingston

Awakening the threshing floors
Opening the chamber doors
Midnight at Last!
A Toast to the glass!
My Bride as One with Me

Overlooking with love
Tender making a dove
Flowers of fragrance
You’ll be

Overlooking an endless sea
Crystal glass of emeralds
And glee
Dancing in harmony

Hallelujah we praise!
Oh Holy Ancient of Days!
Gently pressing His hips
Close to me
Dancing to His melody

Hallelujah! We say!
Pressing His lips close
To me
Caressing His cheek tenderly
I love You My Dear
No longer in fear
Always with You
Forever we’ll be
As One
We shall be.

on Aug. 02, 2023

Dear Joseph

Colleen Livingston

What lies in the winnowing fields

Flowing vastly of green grass

A flock of herds of many

Joseph gathers, him to blame

Brothers grapple at his jacket

Jealous are they of his coat

One day they will be sorry

Stricken greatly by their guilt

Joseph, precious, one of beauty

Yes, you are above the land

Chosen by to steer his hand

Guide the fields! Tend the flock!

Many years oppressed

Then freed by one great shout

Desert by foot, cloud by day

The Lord shall steer the way

Oh holy ones of Israel!

No longer in dismay

A land of milk and honey

A land of His delay

No longer are His children lost

But found in glowing praise

This day of bounty comes yet now

Delivering His Name

Be glorified from here to forth

Remembering this day

Amen, Dear God of Abraham

Your flocks shine through and through

Forever! God of Jacob

Forever! Shines through you

Blessed are the fields

Tending to Your Name

Blessed are the multitudes

Crying out in heartfelt shame

Joseph and his brothers

Forever! You shall be

Always and forever

Written down in history

Famous ones of many

To be forgotten Never! Nought!

Good God Ye over nations!

Is the Savior’s melting pot

It shall be grand when King Josiah

Gathers up the lands

And David and his army

Conquer all who bite the hand

Goodbye Great Father’s

Delivering Our faith!

Good riddance to oppressive ones!

Glory is the Day

We see our Lord, face to face!

Remembering His fame

Dear God of Jacob

To Your Blessed Holy Name


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