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  • Prophetic Integrity

    Prophets need to start believing their own prophetic words from God.

  • Judgement and Knowing Christ

    How Jesus will separate the sheep from the goats and wheat from the weeds He let grow together: It is through “knowing”.

  • Unity in the Church

    How unity in the church will come, what is stopping it, and the new form Church government will take.

  • The Gospel Ages

    The four different Gospels are relevant to four different ages.

  • Understanding the Godhead

    It says: Dt 6:4 Hear, O Israel: The LORD our God, the LORD is one. 

  • Return to Lovefeast

    Food, Fellowship, and the Christian Experience

  • Spiritual Union

    Who has Spiritual Union with Christ and who is His Body? It is not the Church!

Colleen Livingston

Gundersen Smith

on Jul. 23, 2024

Gundersen Smith

By: Colleen Livingston

Angels of the Nordic Sea coming wayward me
I heard a force that went here North across the patrons see
I loudly shout yes here about
Neath enchanted glee
The mysteries of Christ revealed
Neath the wayward tree
Across I’ve come, the Living One
Again, my shame to see
Never forgotten His breath down trodden amidst His glory see
I need not fear, the Lord God near, everlasting! He proclaims
The glory now above the clouds
Need not called in blame, His everlasting loving flame
Gundersen is my name
And my life, I’m not ashamed
Glory God His Name
Anointed you the same
Fairy fields, grass that yields, pastures green and vast with Him
I’ll see such mystery through His sea of crystal glass
Goodnight you nations! Farewell Dear Friends!
Until we meet in glory again!
Gundersen Smith of Old Green Pastures

Blessed Brother

on Jul. 23, 2024

Blessed Brother

Colleen Livingston

Pay homage to the one who died!
"I found my way home!" He cried.
Discovering His deep everlasting
Blessings upon blessings
Extending His grace
"I look upon my Savior!
I shall NEVER leave this place!
Not wanting, nor needing,
Never bleeding
Forever I'll walk
Apostles creeding
My Maker, my Taker
My time here will be
Forever I'm grateful
For my time spent with thee
Crystals of glass, dazzling His throne
Great glory forever!
In time He has shown
His power forever!
Forever we've known
Goodbye blessed friends!
Now family and more!
Blessed be our Savior!
Before His Dear Throne.

In Loving Memory of

Mark Daniel Lirot
Blessed friend and brother in the Lord,

Forever, Everlasting

on Jul. 23, 2024

Forever, Everlasting

Colleen Livingston

Awakening the threshing floors
Opening the chamber doors
Midnight at Last!
A Toast to the glass!
My Bride as One with Me

Overlooking with love
Tender making a dove
Flowers of fragrance
You’ll be

Overlooking an endless sea
Crystal glass of emeralds
And glee
Dancing in harmony

Hallelujah we praise!
Oh Holy Ancient of Days!
Gently pressing His hips
Close to me
Dancing to His melody

Hallelujah! We say!
Pressing His lips close
To me
Caressing His cheek tenderly
I love You My Dear
No longer in fear
Always with You
Forever we’ll be
As One
We shall be.

Dear Joseph

on Jul. 23, 2024

Dear Joseph

Colleen Livingston

What lies in the winnowing fields

Flowing vastly of green grass

A flock of herds of many

Joseph gathers, him to blame

Brothers grapple at his jacket

Jealous are they of his coat

One day they will be sorry

Stricken greatly by their guilt

Joseph, precious, one of beauty

Yes, you are above the land

Chosen by to steer his hand

Guide the fields! Tend the flock!

Many years oppressed

Then freed by one great shout

Desert by foot, cloud by day

The Lord shall steer the way

Oh holy ones of Israel!

No longer in dismay

A land of milk and honey

A land of His delay

No longer are His children lost

But found in glowing praise

This day of bounty comes yet now

Delivering His Name

Be glorified from here to forth

Remembering this day

Amen, Dear God of Abraham

Your flocks shine through and through

Forever! God of Jacob

Forever! Shines through you

Blessed are the fields

Tending to Your Name

Blessed are the multitudes

Crying out in heartfelt shame

Joseph and his brothers

Forever! You shall be

Always and forever

Written down in history

Famous ones of many

To be forgotten Never! Nought!

Good God Ye over nations!

Is the Savior’s melting pot

It shall be grand when King Josiah

Gathers up the lands

And David and his army

Conquer all who bite the hand

Goodbye Great Father’s

Delivering Our faith!

Good riddance to oppressive ones!

Glory is the Day

We see our Lord, face to face!

Remembering His fame

Dear God of Jacob

To Your Blessed Holy Name


Nathaniel Great One

on Jul. 23, 2024

Nathaniel Great One

Beloved Family

Here! Here! Lies Nathaniel
Barely babe, barely known
Now! Now! Lives Nathaniel
Now! Now! At His throne
Great! Great! King of glory
Nathaniel does now bow
King! King! Great King Glory
“Nathaniel!” The King calls
“Nathaniel! The Knight! King shining so bright!”
Fearing not, this dear soldier
Fearing not, this dear one
Beloved he claims, never hearing his name
Now God has given, Nathaniel, proclaim!
Proclaim to the nations! Proclaim to the shores!
Rising up and deep over, these vast threshing floors
“Nathaniel!” They say! “Nathaniel, God’s hand”
“Barking out Great King’s orders!”
“Barking out for the Crown!”
Lights bright in the East, and so too in the West
Here is King Nathaniel
Here he is at his best.

Loving peace, and in memory of, our beloved son,
Nathaniel, The Living One, Livingston

Father of Promise

on Jul. 23, 2024

Father of Promise
Colleen Livingston

Father, my Father, you live high above
Glistening, glowing, Your eyes filled with love
Father, good Father, You pierce through my soul
Forever You hold me, You never let go
Father, O’Father, Your grace never ends
Graciously saving my life to the end
Father, Lord Father, reaching out from the skies
Holding me tightly this night never dies
Majesty, Majesty, a knock at the door
Could this be You? At my threshing floors?
Over and over You spin, You ignite
Over, still over, You join me in flight
Hearing the calling, the beauty You hold
Captivates meaning in my heart to behold
Runner, keep running! He’s here at your side
Ever creating a distinguishing glide
Dancing, and turning You meet me so high
Forever I’ll praise You!
Gently wavering deep in blue sea
Glasses of crystal, jasper, and gems
Rainbow of promise, You faithfulness lends
Helping the needy, the ones You do know
Taking our refuge, You never let go
Father, Dearest Father, Your love never ends
Goodnight, my Dear Father,
Goodnight Dearest Friend.
A river of life is flowing no end
Jump in He’s glowing as angels descend!
Goodnight brother sister!
Goodnight beloved ones!
See you out yonder! As King, He’s the Son
Beloved we’ll be, together as one!

Risen You Are

on Jul. 23, 2024

Risen You Are

Colleen Livingston


Anglers and travelers

They see from afar

His face in you

Has risen the bar!

Awaken the masses!

His message go forth!

Traveling masses

Ascend to the north.

Brightly shining!

This hour at hand!

Revival is coming!

With lilies at hand.

Fragrant in beauty

Her scent raises high

Marching deliverer

By her standing by.

Open your hearts!

This hour has come!

Rise from the ashes

Comes this risen one.

Awaken the masses!

The time is at hand!

Shaking with gratitude

Quaking the land.

Goodbye hallelujah!

Goodbye holy ones!

Risen you are!

Risen you’ll come!

Rise up from the ashes!

This valley so high!

You all will catch Him

For you’ve caught His eye!

Good morning new year!

Good morning rise all!

This summer you’ll see

Her dressed for the ball.

Dancing in fragrance

Of lilies she moves,

On towards her captor

Deliverer too!

Captivates nights

With lilies in bloom

Awaken the masses!

It’s time for this doom.

Outside looks rubble,

But hearts high in flight!

My bride comes adorned

For this fragrant night.

Lilies, oh lilies,

I hear, see and smell,

Beauty from ashes

To rise from this hell.

Amen to the King!

Amen to the One!

Ashes to beauty,


The Son!

The One I Love

on Jul. 23, 2024
The One I Love
Colleen Livingston
Beloved beyond the trees?
I am here down at my knees.
I hear your deep blue whisper
Wrestling amidst the breeze
Last night you held me softly
Tenderly you wiped my tears
A glimpse of you
Casts away my darkest fears
Holy Father you keep me safe
How I wish I could be with thee
Home amidst your beauty
Enamored by your glory
Thank you for your loving kindness
And your mercy upon my soul
So many times fell away
You somehow made a way
Please hold me closely, Lord
So that I do not stray
And take me home 
To be with you
Eternally I'll stay
A kiss from my beloved 
It's all that was meant to be
A warm embrace from heaven
Deep from his heart to me
Oh how I wish to see you Lord
All hindrances aside 
Faithfully walking with you
Reigning side by side
Thank you for all you do
All the things I do not see
I shan't forget your goodness
And how you have set me free
Beloved I am grateful
Beloved I will see
Face to face I'll see you
When I meet Eternity
From the ashes
You have called me
From the ashes
Made me clean
Only you can save me 
From the things 
I have not seen
A lot of hope to live for
Moving forward 
Day by day
His presence
He will guide me
Near to him 
I will stay.
Amen and Hallelujah
Amen to the One I love
Praises to your glory
As you reign from
high above. 


on Jul. 23, 2024


Colleen Livingston

May your victory go forth among the nations! my King.
May your victory go forth among the nations! I sing.
Halleluiah! I sing sweet praises to Him!
Enamored in beauty He calls my name!
Halleluiah! I sing sweet praises to the King!
Enamored He’s walking, Make way for the King!
Procession is here! It’s coming, you see!

Ancient wells rendered and sealed in sight!
Angels who walk with Him in plain sight!
Hear, hearken! He calls, here, hearken! out loud!
Last ringing, last ringing, hear those angel bells!
Shouts of loud praises and loud angel yells!
Woe sounding! Woe sounding! Woe sounding! It’s here!
Wake up! All you people!
Wake up! Now it’s here!
His majesty takes His victory bells!
Shouts over nations!
He clears the halls!
Beckoning the ones who heed the call!
Awaken you nations!
He’s here in plain sight!
Can’t you see Him filled with His light?
Amen! Halleluiah! He’s here in plain sight!
With this I take heed, with this I will fight!
Enamored I walk in His presence my fame!
May all of His glory be steadfast in fame!
Amen! Halleluiah! To the One I do love!
With you I will walk till I’m with you above.

The Truth Not Forgotten

on Jul. 23, 2024

The Truth Not Forgotten

Colleen Livingston

Apocryphal end times translations are filled with lies and hypocrisies. 
Ignorant scholarly men executing vain attempts  and credences
that blow open doors of deception.
It’s all folly. 
This generation needs to hear and is destined to hear My message, declares the Lord.
Nations will awaken, Nations will arise. 
Swallowed, pride now soaked in ashes. 
Arrogance now boasted for nameless fonts. 
Theoretics grossly maimed tethered by black wilderbees. 
Vain executions masked with petty plagiarisms. 
Able bodied men groan cold in corpse, never to raise crop in field again. 
Fretting a fury they run to free from the wrath of death.
Angels appear not distant, but near to take heart the ones I have called. 
Be still little ones I have given you light, your path comes forth in the night.
Hold tightly this arm of strength and renown given for all who look past.
A vengeance will come, but not on these ones.
My precious I hold near My lap. 
Be clean, be pure
not long to endure
My glory forever shall last. 
Peace with you and tidings
for those abiding in the One
who is Holy and True.

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