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  • Prophetic Integrity

    Prophets need to start believing their own prophetic words from God.

  • Judgement and Knowing Christ

    How Jesus will separate the sheep from the goats and wheat from the weeds He let grow together: It is through “knowing”.

  • Unity in the Church

    How unity in the church will come, what is stopping it, and the new form Church government will take.

  • The Gospel Ages

    The four different Gospels are relevant to four different ages.

  • Understanding the Godhead

    It says: Dt 6:4 Hear, O Israel: The LORD our God, the LORD is one. 

  • Return to Lovefeast

    Food, Fellowship, and the Christian Experience

  • Spiritual Union

    Who has Spiritual Union with Christ and who is His Body? It is not the Church!

The Naked Apostles

It says: Dt 6:4 Hear, O Israel: The LORD our God, the LORD is one. 

The Naked-Apostles are End-Times messengers. They are called to stand naked before the Church and prophesy that this hour is a time of warning to wake up before it is too late.


on Oct. 04, 2022

UNC Book Cover 5Understanding the New Covenant: A Returning to Our First Love



Jesus came to give man a gift which would give him the wisdom and power to overcome his defect (Amp Heb 8:7) of being unspiritual and too weak to overcome. You could call this the gift of salvation. This being the case it should be the main objective of the Christ follower to make his focus exploiting and learning to operate in the gift of a new and heavenly wisdom Jesus gave at the cost of His life. To not do so would be to deny the power and gift He gave at the expense of His life. It would render His death useless profaning all He accomplished. It makes the New Covenant as impotent as the Old in restoring man to God. As such, let us take a closer look at this most important factor the Christ follower has inhibiting his relationship with God (the defect).

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The Christian Story and its Message small

The Christian Story and its Message: For the Maturing Christian



"Jesus died for me!" "I am saved by grace through faith!" "I have the Holy Spirit and the mind of Christ!" "I am the bride of Christ!" "I am Spirit-filled!" "I do not live under the law, but I live by faith!" These are some of the most essential Biblical truths for the Christian believer. However, in these times they have turned into little more than clichés. Their true meanings have been lost. Christians all over will proudly identify with and hail these sayings, so as to define their relationship with Christ. Ask them what they mean, and more often than not, they will stammer and stutter, not knowing exactly what to say. However, they cling to these sayings as if each one of them are an exclusive club they are a proud member of. Some will say, "It's not important to understand because we live by faith, that is all that is important. The rest we can find out when we get to heaven." This holds true even among our Christian leaders who rarely give us answers that leave us with a sense that we truly understand how these sayings apply to our lives, what they actually mean, or how they are true. This book outlines the truths in the Bible in a way that a modern mind can make sense of and believe. It gives understandings that defy being locked into the categories of past Christian thinking even though they may have elements of them. Inside the covers of this book are fresh understandings of the old that have turned into nothing more than clichés void of context or explanations. The Christian Story, and it's Message gives a realistic and foundational understanding of the entire story of our faith. It begins with that fateful moment in the garden with the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil. It explains, in a sensible way, how the sin of Adam continues to affect us and poison our relationship with our Creator thousands of generations later. It brings us through how and why humans and the earth are under judgment, giving a rational explanation why Jesus had to die for us and exactly what makes us His bride. Lastly, bringing us to the Millennial Reign of Christ and the world to come that we are ultimately living for.

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Rev cover ebook small volume 1revelation of Revelation: An Urgent Message for the Church, Volume 1: Introduction to Revelation



revelation of Revelation, An Urgent Message for the Church is a six volume work that gives a comprehensive understanding to the meaning of the book of Revelation. Each of these volumes stand alone as a complete book and can be read out of sequence; that is once you have read Introduction to Revelation, Volume 1. Introduction to Revelation, Volume 1 will give the reader an overall understanding of Revelation. The hidden outlines of Revelation are revealed in this volume, giving each part of John’s vision proper context and structure. Just as crucial towards interpretation, Volume 1 explains how to unpack and make sense of all the prophetic voices of God in the Bible. Finally, in order to shed light on the mysteries of Revelation it is essential to first understand the most basic Christian tenets, which have been skewed; even lost throughout the ages. Without an accurate first-century understanding of foundational Christian concepts concerning, spiritual union, sin, death, salvation, and life beyond the natural world (to name a few) one could never interpret Revelation. Introduction to Revelation, Volume 1 defines those Christian concepts in key ways which unlock the interpretation of Revelation.

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Rev cover ebook small volume 2 revelation of Revelation: An Urgent Message for the Church, Volume 2: The Seven Letters of Revelation



revelation of Revelation, An Urgent Message for the Church, Volume 2, The Seven Letters of Revelation focuses exclusively on revealing the message Jesus wrote concerning the entire Church Age (33 AD-the start of the great tribulation). The vision John received consists of four different stories or narratives. They are mind blowing prophecies which are the capstone of all the prophecies within the Bible itself. However, even before these visions are given, Jesus dictates one letter consisting of seven separate letters. They are meant for all His elect over the entire history of the Church Age. It is a single intimate letter addressed exclusively to His bride—the Church. It is only because of the constant use of the number seven, that we can realize Jesus is addressing the entire Church Age telling us of everything it will face and become. Seven is used in framing the seven days of creation—the beginning of time; the seven seals—the premature end of time outlining judgment and redemption; the seven letters to the seven churches—outlining the entire Church Age and the Lord's admonishments. When God outlines anything using the structure of sevens, He is telling us that He has included the beginning, the end, and a comprehensive explanation of what He is describing. The use of seven guarantees that nothing of significance is left out. With that in mind, we can glean from the seven letters of Revelation a whole new layer of information Jesus is trying to communicate to His beloved Church. Volume 2, The Seven Letters of Revelation, reveals what that message is. The message Jesus personally spoke to His elect before giving John the visions of Revelation.

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The Seven Seals of Revelation (revelation of Revelation, Volume 3) by [Livingston, Phil, Livingston, Colleen]Revelation of Revelation: An Urgent Message for the Church, Volume 3: The Seven Seals of Revelation



revelation of Revelation, An Urgent Message for the Church, Volume 3, The Seven Seals of Revelation is the third installment of a six volume series which gives a line by line interpretation of the book of Revelation. What John received from Jesus consists of a single letter to the Church of all ages (which is comprised of seven letters), and a series of visions telling the story of four different narratives. An introduction to the book of Revelation, the letter to the seven churches, and each of the four narratives have a volume dedicated to them.

The seven seals of Revelation is the first of these four different narratives. The focus of the seven seals narrative in Rev 4:1-11:18 is the execution of God's seven point plan for both the final judgment and redemption of man. The seven seals are the plan to save man from the extinction he faces as a result of God's verdict to bring to an end the world and everything in it. The seven seals of God's judgment and redemption (the end of the world) is framed by God in the same way as the seven days of creation (the beginning of the world).

Inside these covers are a line by line explanation of the story told through the execution of God's seven point plan to bring a close to the world and everything in it. It is explained in a way our contemporary minds, logic, and language can finally wrap themselves around. As with all six volumes of revelation of Revelation, An Urgent Message for the Church, this unique perspective of Bible prophecy brings new meaning which cannot be accredited with any former categorization, contemporary theology, or established school of thought. Recognizing that it is unavoidable to not spill over into the different schools of thought which are popular, however, this interpretation stands alone as a fresh new look which reveals a first-century understanding of God's plan of judgment and redemption of the world we live in.

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The Main Characters of Revelation (revelation of Revelation Series, Volume 4) by [Livingston, Phil, Livingston, Colleen]Revelation of Revelation: An Urgent Message for the Church, Volume 4: The Main Characters of Revelation



revelation of Revelation, An Urgent Message for the Church, Volume 4, The Main Characters of Revelation is the second of four narratives the book of Revelation contains. This narrative tells its story from verse, 11:19 to 16:21. However, unlike the other three narratives, this one is not told in story fashion. Instead, it gives prophetic profiles of the main characters who shaped our world and set it on the direction it is headed.

These individual profiles are told in such an order that when put together, they tell the complete story of humanity past, present, and future. A photograph is a snapshot, a moment in time that we can behold and enjoy. However, these prophetic profiles that John describes are pictures worth a thousand words in that unlike a snapshot in time they tell us about these individuals and their roles in history past and future. This is a story everyone should know because neither humanity nor the earth are going to be allowed to run out their natural course, but all life will suddenly be interrupted with the end.

In these pages we can learn what and who we can trust in order to survive and endure the things to come. There is no longer any reason to let the future overtake us unaware, and be swept away by what is in store for the world. The Bible, Revelation, and this narrative within it tells the true story and reveals the true and only way out. It's time to choose sides before it is too late! Here is what you need to know.

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The Fall of Babylon and the Church Corrupt (revelation of Revelation Series, Volume 5) by [Livingston, Phil, Livingston, Colleen]revelation of Revelation: An Urgent Message for the Church, Volume 5: The Fall of Babylon and the Church Corrupt



revelation of Revelation, An Urgent Message for the Church, Volume 5, The Fall of Babylon and the Church Corrupt is the third of four narratives the book of Revelation contains. This narrative tells its story from verse, 17:1-21:8. It is the story of the punishment and utter destruction of Babylon for all time. As John is being told this story by the angels, they reveal something that drops John's jaw. In his astonishment, the angel assures him he will explain this sight. It is his beloved Church he gave his blood, sweat, and tears to form that is the 7th kingdom (the 7th head) of the beast. Although this narrative tells us comprehensively about the destruction of Babylon, the focus and lion's share of this narrative is devoted towards Babylon in the Church. That is because even though through the great tribulation Babylon in the Church Corrupt is utterly destroyed, the Lord saves them in the end. He arranges a special resurrection for those who die in the great tribulation hanging true to their testimony, not worshiping the beast or taking his mark. It is called, "the first resurrection." It is a resurrection that is in advance of, and separate from the resurrection of the dead on the last day of judgment. Additionally, the Lord rises, both those who were resurrected, along with those who survived the great tribulation (and held fast) to meet Him in the sky. They descend back to the earth together, with Jesus in the lead. This great multitude become celestial humans, and reign with Christ for one thousand years. They minister to the newly formed nation of Israel and the other nations of mortal humans left on the earth. They do so from the New Jerusalem, a supernatural city which Christ brings down to earth from the heavenly realm. This is the story told in this fifth volume and third narrative.

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revelation of Revelation: An Urgent Message for the Church, Volume 6: The New Jerusalem


Coming Soon!


on Oct. 04, 2022

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About Healing Center

on Oct. 04, 2022

We are currently searching out different venues across the U.S. to open up Healing Centers where we hope to heal many through the application of Light Therapy.

Light Therapy is an intense form of prayer counseling that uses both nudity and laying on of hands.  We have had incredible results through this radical form of prayer that has delivered and healed many people.

Through nudity, Light Therapy helps to desexualize nudity in a way that helps many people overcome struggles in areas of sexual addiction, false religious moralities, homosexuality, pornography, in addition to, many other areas. 

Through laying on of hands many overcome past traumas due to sexual or physical abuse, as well as, emotional abuse.  It is far reaching in the soul and spirit of the person, as well as, physical.  Through intensive prayer people become filled with God’s peace in a way that allows them to fully let go of any pent up memories or traumas that have influenced the ways they view their lives as separate from God.  This intensive form of prayer helps unravel generational world views that have been passed down as a result of generational family sins.  It exposes the root and sources of sin that truly heal and restore a person into having true union with Christ.

To read more about Light Therapy refer to our Light Therapy portion of our website.

We are also currently accepting donations to further this mission. If you would like to donate towards this cause please refer to our Partners portion of our website.

Contact Us

on Oct. 04, 2022

If you would like to contact us with any questions or if you would like to set up a time for The Naked Apostles to come and speak at your venue, small home groups, with friends, or online via Skype, you can contact us via email.

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Light Therapy

on Oct. 04, 2022

Light Therapy gets its name from its origin. Light Therapy mixes elements of massage therapy with the laying on of hands while praying for an individual for physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. It is a simple laying on of hands to impart peace/stillness, healing, and virtuous light; resulting in a feeling of stillness, euphoria and a profound sense of God.

While the recipient is laying on a massage table nude, they relax into a lucid prayerful, as well as, vulnerable state. The administer prays for the recipient from head to toe, both front and back. Unlike massage therapy, there is no muscle manipulation or rubbing. Hands are laid still on the person’s body with a gentle touch until the administer intuitively senses it is time to move their hands to the next place.

It is known that the physical body holds memories and traumatic responses which are tied to the memory of the spirit/subconscious mind. That is the place where memory, pain and trauma are stored and blocked from acknowledgment. When light is being imparted, while the body and soul are in a euphoric state of peace, it illuminates the memories. While the mind and body are in this relaxed and peaceful state fears and guards are dropped. The illuminating light results in both the recipient and administer seeing visions and past memories of past trauma while those painful memories are soothed by the impartation. By the power of God’s Spirit the overwhelming pent up spiritual energy (feelings) and emotions pass through the administer while they are in their prayerful state leaving the recipient free of the power behind their traumas and wounds. This results in several things, most importantly freedom, a life long weight off the shoulders, or as we say, “bricks out of your backpack.”

Afterwards, when moved on to the dialogue portion of the appointment the administer helps the recipient do two things.
1) acknowledge the memories and traumas which altered their personality in a negative or destructive way. They do this by exploring things which were revealed in the prayer session
2) guide them through a way to embrace and understand the past experiences in a constructive freeing spiritual way.
This can result in an ability to forgive; an ability to face one’s darkest fears, and demons; deliverance; the breaking of inner-vows; and a clarity that allows one to let go of control, rely on God, and have meaningful repentative experiences (a changing of your views and purposes to allow the will of God in your inner man instead of rejecting it).

It is important to point out a couple of things. Every Light Therapy session does not include praying on the entire body or praying while nude. It is still considered Light Therapy when we have dialogue/spiritual direction and pray for the person while clothed, or only laying hands on the back or shoulders or while holding the individual’s hands. How a person is prayed for depends on the needs, how God is leading the individual to be prayed for, and the comfort level of the individual. When nudity is used in Light Therapy sessions it is used as a way to desexualize nudity; overcome body image issues; and to create a vulnerability that is conducive to causing the individual to open up emotionally, facing their issues and fears.

In addition, when someone is receiving prayer on their nude body it doesn’t always happen at every session. This is because many of the effects that come from receiving Light Therapy require experiential change (to experience real life in the world with a different outlook) before they take root and before it is time to move on letting spiritual light expose other issues.

As well, those beginning Light Therapy don’t often start out having this type of prayer in the beginning because of the fears, traumas, false moralities, tactile defensiveness, body image and modesty issues that they want freedom from. In these cases we are clear with the recipient during their orientation where the sessions will eventually lead. However, measures or steps leading up to being able to receive Light Therapy prayer are always done at the speed and acceptance of the recipient’s comfort level.

A key aspect of Light Therapy is its approach. In all cases, it helps recipients make internal adjustments in order to be at peace with people and their circumstances both past and present. It guides them to learn how to be content, even joyful within their “garden” — not outside of what God has destined them to have in life. It doesn’t afford for people to continue being under the delusion that if we just have the perfect circumstances and people treat us in just a certain way, then we can be happy and at peace.

The Spiritual Man

on Oct. 04, 2022

 Who is the Spiritual Man (Christian Mystic)?

Under Construction

on Oct. 04, 2022

Please check back for future updates

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