Understanding the New Covenant

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Saturday, 18 April 2020 18:51 Written by 

Jesus came to give man a gift which would give him the wisdom and power to overcome his defect (Amp Heb 8:7) of being unspiritual and too weak to overcome. You could call this the gift of salvation. This being the case it should be the main objective of the Christ follower to make his focus exploiting and learning to operate in the gift of a new and heavenly wisdom Jesus gave at the cost of His life.To not do so would be to deny the power and gift He gave at the expense of His life. It would render His death useless profaning all He accomplished. It makes the New Covenant as impotent as the Old in restoring man to God. As such, let us take a closer look at this most important factor the Christ follower has inhibiting his relationship with God (the defect).

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