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As the title asserts, Christianity has lost its way. It has strayed hopelessly far away from its premises, its practices, and the first-century understanding it arose from. One has to look no further than the New Covenant promise and the tenants, by which the Christian puts himself under, and conforms to, in order to see how far they have strayed. Contemporary practices do not even resemble the biblical New Covenant tenants. Christianity, as charitable and loving as it is, has turned into a religious practice designed by men.

The premise that Christianity is a lost and skewed practice of what it once was in its origin, to most would seem like a ridiculous notion. Many would be dismissive without giving thought to the idea. After all, Christianity has been practiced unbroken since the New Covenant has been ratified by the death of Jesus on the cross. Likewise, the writings of the Bible have always been around, and never, for example, lost or buried in the ground and had need to be rediscovered by an archaeologist. But has it?

The fact is that in their bids for power and wealth in this world, elements of Church leadership in the highest of offices have remodeled or rewired the tenants of the New Covenant to suit their quests in such a manner that its basic foundations have been lost.

Secondly, the Bible and writings of our faith, indeed, have never been lost. However, they have most certainly been suppressed by the powers at be. Even imposing torture, and death sentences to those who possess them or worked to get them in the hands of the common people.

Things became so bad in Christendom that on October 31, 1517 the once united universal Christian Church began to unravel. It is this date when Martin Luther nailed his Ninety-five Theses on the door of the Castle Church in Wittenberg, Germany, challenging the corrupted practices of the Catholic (universal) Church. Luther realized that the practices of the Church leadership had over the years strayed so far away from its 1st century values and premises that it followed the rules of these men in power and not the New Covenant tenants which were instituted by Christ Himself.  

It is now 2020, some 500 years later and the Church continues to fragment because of a seemingly endless and unsatisfied quest to search out the true first-century understanding and practices of the New Covenant. Christianity remains so lost from its origins that it cannot understand its own scriptures and their true meanings, or the true context they were written in. At this point, it can only be by the Holy Spirit and the prophets sent by the Lord and their trail of bread crumbs, that the Church can find within their own writings (the Bible) the way to return to first-century practices and understandings.

However, as modern, intelligent, and resourceful we the Church at large are, we are clearly not there yet. This study, which is prophetically inspired by the Lord, was created to first: Open our eyes to how far away we are from our origins, and then secondly: Guide the way back before it’s too late and we have to suffer horribly in order to hang on to our born again birth right.

"Jesus died for me!" "I am saved by grace through faith!" "I have the Holy Spirit and the mind of Christ!" "I am the bride of Christ!" "I am Spirit-filled!" "I do not live under the law, but I live by faith!"

These are some of the most essential Biblical truths for the Christian believer. However, in these times they have turned into little more than clichés. Their true meanings have been lost. Christians all over will proudly identify with and hail these sayings, so as to define their relationship with Christ. Ask them what they mean, and more often than not, they will stammer and stutter, not knowing exactly what to say. However, they cling to these sayings as if each one of them are an exclusive club they are a proud member of. Some will say, "It's not important to understand because we live by faith, that is all that is important. The rest we can find out when we get to heaven." This holds true even among our Christian leaders who rarely give us answers that leave us with a sense that we truly understand how these sayings apply to our lives, what they actually mean, or how they are true.

This book outlines the truths in the Bible in a way that a modern mind can make sense of and believe. It gives understandings that defy being locked into the categories of past Christian thinking even though they may have elements of them. Inside the covers of this book are fresh understandings of the old that have turned into nothing more than clichés void of context or explanations.

The Christian Story, and its Message gives a realistic and foundational understanding of the entire story of our faith. It begins with that fateful moment in the garden with the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil. It explains, in a sensible way, how the sin of Adam continues to affect us and poison our relationship with our Creator thousands of generations later. It brings us through how and why humans and the earth are under judgment, giving a rational explanation why Jesus had to die for us and exactly what makes us His bride. Lastly, bringing us to the Millennial Reign of Christ and the world to come that we are ultimately living for.

Jesus came to give man a gift which would give him the wisdom and power to overcome his defect (Amp Heb 8:7) of being unspiritual and too weak to overcome. You could call this the gift of salvation. This being the case it should be the main objective of the Christ follower to make his focus exploiting and learning to operate in the gift of a new and heavenly wisdom Jesus gave at the cost of His life.To not do so would be to deny the power and gift He gave at the expense of His life. It would render His death useless profaning all He accomplished. It makes the New Covenant as impotent as the Old in restoring man to God. As such, let us take a closer look at this most important factor the Christ follower has inhibiting his relationship with God (the defect).

revelation of Revelation, An Urgent Message for the Church is a six volume work that gives a comprehensive understanding to the meaning of the book of Revelation. Each of these volumes stand alone as a complete book and can be read out of sequence; that is once you have read Introduction to Revelation, Volume 1.





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Volume 1: Introduction to Revelation

Volume 2: The Seven Letters of Revelation

Volume 3: The Seven Seals of Revelation

Volume 4: The Main Characters of Revelation

Volume 5: The Fall of Babylon and the Church Corrupt

Volume 6: The New Jerusalem

The Fall of Babylon and the Church Corrupt (revelation of Revelation Series, Volume 5) by [Livingston, Phil, Livingston, Colleen]revelation of Revelation, An Urgent Message for the Church, Volume 6, The New Jerusalem is the fourth and final narrative of the book of Revelation. This narrative tells its story from verses 21:8 to 22:21 which brings the book of Revelation to a close. This fourth narrative is the story of the New Jerusalem, as the subtitle suggests. It truly is a proverbial tale of two cities. However, it is not the two cities one might expect out of the book of Revelation. It is not about Jerusalem, the city in the beautiful land vs. Babylon, the great city. For that matter, it is not about any two cities which are in stark contrast or polarized by each other due to good and evil. Surprisingly, its not a tale of opposition, competition, or rivalry, but one of two cities in service to and in harmony with each other. It is the tale of the New Jerusalem and the old Jerusalem. Here is what makes this tale of two cities so interesting; The New Jerusalem comes down from the spiritual realm as the center for the millennial reign of Christ. Old Jerusalem, or as we know it historically as, “Jerusalem,” is renamed, “Jehovah Shammah, THE LORD IS THERE,” for the occasion of the arrival of the New Jerusalem here on planet earth. What makes this tale, so perplexing is that not only do these two cities co-exist in union with each other, but they occupy the same space. Furthermore, the New Jerusalem comes down with its own mountain to sit upon making it the “chief mountain.” Likewise, because of its size, the New Jerusalem can hold 46,875 old Jerusalem’s within its walls. This happens during a time that there is no sun, no light from the moon, or from the stars to illuminate the earth. From that time forward, light streams out and over the walls of the New Jerusalem, lighting the whole earth resulting in no darkness—no nighttime. Within the covers of this final volume of, revelation of Revelation, An Urgent Message for the Church, Biblical prophecy which seemingly contradicts itself almost every step of the way is given a fresh new view. A view which untangles prophecy in a way that makes, for the first time, all the pieces fit into a perfect and completed puzzle.

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The Fall of Babylon and the Church Corrupt (revelation of Revelation Series, Volume 5) by [Livingston, Phil, Livingston, Colleen]revelation of Revelation, An Urgent Message for the Church, Volume 5, The Fall of Babylon and the Church Corrupt is the third of four narratives the book of Revelation contains. This narrative tells its story from verse, 17:1-21:8. It is the story of the punishment and utter destruction of Babylon for all time. As John is being told this story by the angels, they reveal something that drops John's jaw. In his astonishment, the angel assures him he will explain this sight. It is his beloved Church he gave his blood, sweat, and tears to form that is the 7th kingdom (the 7th head) of the beast. Although this narrative tells us comprehensively about the destruction of Babylon, the focus and lion's share of this narrative is devoted towards Babylon in the Church. That is because even though through the great tribulation Babylon in the Church Corrupt is utterly destroyed, the Lord saves them in the end. He arranges a special resurrection for those who die in the great tribulation hanging true to their testimony, not worshiping the beast or taking his mark. It is called, "the first resurrection." It is a resurrection that is in advance of, and separate from the resurrection of the dead on the last day of judgment. Additionally, the Lord rises, both those who were resurrected, along with those who survived the great tribulation (and held fast) to meet Him in the sky. They descend back to the earth together, with Jesus in the lead. This great multitude become celestial humans, and reign with Christ for one thousand years. They minister to the newly formed nation of Israel and the other nations of mortal humans left on the earth. They do so from the New Jerusalem, a supernatural city which Christ brings down to earth from the heavenly realm. This is the story told in this fifth volume and third narrative.

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Introduction to Revelation (revelation of Revelation Series, Volume 1) by [Livingston, Phil, Livingston, Colleen]revelation of Revelation, An Urgent Message for the Church, Volume 4, The Main Characters of Revelation is the second of four narratives the book of Revelation contains. This narrative tells its story from verse, 11:19 to 16:21. However, unlike the other three narratives, this one is not told in story fashion. Instead, it gives prophetic profiles of the main characters who shaped our world and set it on the direction it is headed. These individual profiles are told in such an order that when put together, they tell the complete story of humanity past, present, and future. A photograph is a snapshot, a moment in time that we can behold and enjoy. However, these prophetic profiles that John describes are pictures worth a thousand words in that unlike a snapshot in time they tell us about these individuals and their roles in history past and future. This is a story everyone should know because neither humanity nor the earth are going to be allowed to run out their natural course, but all life will suddenly be interrupted with the end. In these pages we can learn what and who we can trust in order to survive and endure the things to come. There is no longer any reason to let the future overtake us unaware, and be swept away by what is in store for the world. The Bible, Revelation, and this narrative within it tells the true story and reveals the true and only way out. It's time to choose sides before it is too late! Here is what you need to know.

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The Seven Seals of Revelation (revelation of Revelation, Volume 3)revelation of Revelation, An Urgent Message for the Church, Volume 3, The Seven Seals of Revelation is the third installment of a six volume series which gives a line by line interpretation of the book of Revelation. What John received from Jesus consists of a single letter to the Church of all ages (which is comprised of seven letters), and a series of visions telling the story of four different narratives. An introduction to the book of Revelation, the letter to the seven churches, and each of the four narratives have a volume dedicated to them. The seven seals of Revelation is the first of these four different narratives. The focus of the seven seals narrative in Rev 4:1-11:18 is the execution of God's seven point plan for both the final judgment and redemption of man. The seven seals are the plan to save man from the extinction he faces as a result of God's verdict to bring to an end the world and everything in it. The seven seals of God's judgment and redemption (the end of the world) is framed by God in the same way as the seven days of creation (the beginning of the world). Inside these covers are a line by line explanation of the story told through the execution of God's seven point plan to bring a close to the world and everything in it. It is explained in a way our contemporary minds, logic, and language can finally wrap themselves around. As with all six volumes of revelation of Revelation, An Urgent Message for the Church, this unique perspective of Bible prophecy brings new meaning which cannot be accredited with any former categorization, contemporary theology, or established school of thought. Recognizing that it is unavoidable to not spill over into the different schools of thought which are popular, however, this interpretation stands alone as a fresh new look which reveals a first-century understanding of God's plan of judgment and redemption of the world we live in.

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The Seven Letters of Revelation (revelation of Revelation Series, Volume 2) by [Livingston, Phil, Livingston, Colleen]

revelation of Revelation, An Urgent Message for the Church, Volume 2, The Seven Letters of Revelation focuses exclusively on revealing the message Jesus wrote concerning the entire Church Age (33 AD-the start of the great tribulation). The vision John received consists of four different stories or narratives. They are mind blowing prophecies which are the capstone of all the prophecies within the Bible itself. However, even before these visions are given, Jesus dictates one letter consisting of seven separate letters. They are meant for all His elect over the entire history of the Church Age. It is a single intimate letter addressed exclusively to His bride—the Church.

It is only because of the constant use of the number seven, that we can realize Jesus is addressing the entire Church Age telling us of everything it will face and become. Seven is used in framing the seven days of creation—the beginning of time; the seven seals—the premature end of time outlining judgment and redemption; the seven letters to the seven churches—outlining the entire Church Age and the Lord's admonishments.

When God outlines anything using the structure of sevens, He is telling us that He has included the beginning, the end, and a comprehensive explanation of what He is describing. The use of seven guarantees that nothing of significance is left out. With that in mind, we can glean from the seven letters of Revelation a whole new layer of information Jesus is trying to communicate to His beloved Church. Volume 2, The Seven Letters of Revelation, reveals what that message is. The message Jesus personally spoke to His elect before giving John the visions of Revelation.

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