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Stay in His Tide

on Oct. 22, 2012

Stay in His Tide

Colleen Livingston

Dabbling in a distant storm,
Forget about the “new world reform”,
Our focus is on Jesus , to whom we conform.

In His image we walk among the earth,
Discerning the powers that be and lure,
Wise as a fox we can see the deepest stir.

Put on your armor, prepare for war,
This is not a small thing we are to endure;
But protected we will be under Him, who is pure.

Do not walk in pride or be arrogant in stride,
The enemy prowls to capture you in an opportune time;
Humble and contrite we will walk in the flow of His tide.

Resigned we will be to what He wills and decides,
His ways are not our ways, so line up to light up the sky.
Glorious He will be upon His horse He will ride.

This is the final hour, yes, much is to come;
So give up control, into His arms is where to run.
There is no time to dabble in the worldy ways of fun.

Listen to your inner man, follow your gut.
It may not make sense to others you love;
As one who is of the spirit, fly like a dove.

We serve a different Master, who gives sight to the blind;
Who heals the sick and is a treasure to find;
His name is Jesus, the Anointed One, defined.

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