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    Prophets need to start believing their own prophetic words from God.

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    The four different Gospels are relevant to four different ages.

  • Understanding the Godhead

    It says: Dt 6:4 Hear, O Israel: The LORD our God, the LORD is one. 

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  • Spiritual Union

    Who has Spiritual Union with Christ and who is His Body? It is not the Church!

Jesus, Messiah, King of the Jews

He treads in the night throughout the camp;
Strengthening men with His light in their lamp.
Carrying torch they parade through the fields,
Marking His freedom more souls, they will yield.

King of the Jews! You died on the cross;
Enduring and suffering this world seems loss.
But life everlasting you gave us that day;
Your blood poured out, like a lamb you were slain.

You came here so lowly and poor among us,
Making us beauty from ashes and dust.
A life giving Spirit released in the Earth,
Forever we live no longer deterred.

Jesus, Messiah, the King of the Jews,
It’s up to us which path to choose.
The gate it is narrow for those who are right,
Sadly it’s wide for those who fight.

You say but a few will make the cut,
Awaken those souls asleep in the rut.
They think they are serving a master, who’s true;
Deceived by the Devil, enslaved they delude.

Jesus awaken the ones You did choose,
Spreading like fire a great multitude.
A harvest the world has yet to see,
The saints they will march as big as the sea.

A torch they will carry inflamed in the sky;
Many will fall to their knees and cry.
“Forgive me, Lord! I turn now to You!”
“Jesus, Messiah, King of the Jews!”

Overhead! Look up! Now you can see!
All is revealed, the Great Mystery!
Open your hearts, the Law it is there!
Inside the lining, He teaches His word!

A stony heart becomes one of flesh!
Imagine His Spirit inside to caress.
Soothing the pain He anoints you with balm;
Deeper than simply reading a psalm.

Jesus, Messiah, the King of the Jews!
Forever as one we will praise You!
What wonders it is to live in this day!
Never will we trade it or throw it away!

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